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As a holiday destination, the archipelago of 7000+ islands offers something different, something special and definitely some of the most beautiful beaches in the island of Negros, the Paradise Resort.

The Amlan Paradise Beach Resort is owned by Mrs. Sarah Jane E.Chubb and her husband Mr. Allan S. Chubb who came from Germany and met Mrs. Sarah and even became his wife.

During their vacation, they were able to plan to put up a business where they could render good services and catering. Beach Resort was their first priority to establish.

Based on their surveys, many people from different places do someislands spot hopping. Others are keen to discover the excitement of scuba diving, sailing in crystal clear warm seas. For the nature lover -- bird watching, mountain climbing, fishing, cave exploration or viewing a coral reef. These are some of the major reasons why Amlan Paradise Beach Resort exists. It was established on the year 2002, located in barangayTandayag Amlan, Oriental Negros.

The resort provides best services and special offers to customers who would like to experience comfortable and convenient stay.

They have a luxury restaurant to provide meals with different kinds of menus to choose from, elegant rooms for single, double or even family accomodations, they have nice and stunning sea views where you could feel the fresh breeze and interesting live entertainment for party occasions.

They also cater to wedding celebration, Business meetingsor conferences, seminars, parties and all other special occasions catered for. So whether its business or pleasure, Amlan Paradise Resort is the place to be.

The resort has state-of-the-art facilities. The luxury rooms are spacious, air conditioned, beautiful swimming pool, sea-food restaurant (most are diets), international cuisine are mostly served.

Mr. and Mrs. Chubb are planning to extend the resort for cultural centers that can accommodate multiple persons and they always look forward to render best service to their customers in accordance to their wants and convenience.

They have also an upcoming opening Mini-Mart grocery and Internet cafe which is now under construction, along the highway, near the resort entrance.

You could choose to take a dip in the beach or go snorkeling with your friends, or just relax and bathe in the sun while enjoying the fresh tropical seabreeze.

A swimming pool is available to refresh your body and re-enrgize your spirit.
A company transportation is always ready to assist you with your daily travels, while our romantic restaruant would surely make your day full in spirit and your tummy full with satisfaction.

Our guests will soon be treated with more excitement with our in-house operating tours and activities like diving, mountaineering, trekking and adventure tours.

You can still enjoy this adventure now as we will gladly assist you on how you can reap these pleasures through our links and partnerships with the Negros Oriental tourism industry.

All major international airlines fly to the nation's capital in Manila and from there, a connecting flight of only an hour-and-a-half will bring you to the steps of this piece of paradise.

Friendly local shops and services make sure your stay is convenient and comfortable in Negros Oriental where English is spoke throughout the island.

This is a wonderful location for your wedding or holidays, diving and snorkeling or just being plain adventurous, you can also enjoy wonderful and fun night parties in Dumaguete City, the capital city of the province which is just twenty minutes away.

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