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I stood at the edge of a rocky cliff overlooking what might well have been a miracle. Beyond the vastness of the sea, the horizon stretched towards infinity.

The sky faded from a deep gold, to orange, and then to a slight tinge of blush marking twilight. Pinpricks of stars twinkle overhead like shards of diamonds but then, the real miracle lay on the rising of a pallid full moon right beside the waxing of the sun from its precarious position in the heavens. So, there is God and there is such thing as paradisea014a paradise called Antulang.

But really, this is only one of the many things that are uniquely Antulang, if the term may be permitted. Heavenly in all aspects, Antulang is endowed with a graceful stretch of powdery white sand dotted here and there with a myriad of shells depicting the intricate patterns of beauty. Bask underneath a soothing cerulean sky and allow the gentle waves to crash on your feeble toes.

Retreat into their airy restaurant perched neatly on the long stretch of sheer cliffs and bless your bellies with delish dishes. Explore the resort amidst the dizzying labyrinth of staircases and retire into one of their comfortable yet luxurious rooms to rid you of all that big-city grime.

Bathe to your hearts content with fellow vacationers in their pristine infinity pool set like a jewel overlooking the sea or retreat into your private pool villaa for a special feature that only Antulang can offer in the province.

Tired of the pool? Take the plunge in the crystal clear waters of the beach. Tired of the beach? Hop on the back of a prancing horse or ride it a steady gait around the resort. Tired of the horse?

Take on the sea once more and let the tide get hold of you in your kayak or better yet, go rapelling. Delve deeper into the water and bond with the denizens of the deep. Meet and greet manta rays, hawksbill turtles, and groupers among a plethora of marine life. Night dives are highly recommended for its I'm-in-a-private-aquarium feel. Too scared to go deep? Antulang's underwater garden of shallow corals may just be a snorkel away.

Suites and cottages complete with heated outdoor jacuzzis, satellite TV, DVD/audio players and mini-bars, scheduled cruises to Apo Island and Tambobo.

Antulang offers these and so much more. If you think heaven is way up there beyond the misty trail of burning clouds, hey, you'd be surprised to find out it's really all down 40 km south from Dumaguete, to be exact.









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