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There's a lot to see in Negros Oriental!

SINULOG DE JIMALALUD- Jimalalud, on or about January 13 -- street dancing and pageants to eliven fiesta.

TAWO-TAWO FESTIVAL. Bayawan City , December 22 -- street dancing with scarecrow higantes the day before fiesta celebrates the guardins of the city's crops.

PASAYAW FESTIVAL -- Canlaon City , March 19 -- honors patron St. Joseph with street dancing giving thanks for the harvest that makes the city the Province's rice and vegetable bowl.

LENTEN RITES. Province-wide, movable -- traditional church rites, Via Crucis, Hatud procession of the Dead Christ on God Friday, sugat dawn procession on Holy Saturday.

LIBOD SAYAW SA BINDOY. Street dancing based on Philippine filk dances during April 5 fiesta.

YAG-YAG FESTIVAL. CANGMATING, Sibulan - street dancing and field presentations, colorful depictions of the barangay's coastal marine resources, last Sunday of April.

SANTACRUZAN and MAYFLOWER FESTIVAL. Province-wide throughout May. Dumaguete -- last week of May; Ayungon- 3rd week.

SAKUBHAN FESTIVAL. Santa catalina, April 22 celebrates the abundance of the town's sugar cane harvest.

AYUQUITAN FESTIVAL. San Jose , May 7 -- street dancing retells the origins of the town's former place name derived from INUKITAN, brid pickings.

GAPNOD FESTIVAL. Sibulan, June 12 decorated and lighted boats carry venerated images and devotees in a fluvial processin along the town's coastal waters.

BUDYAS FESTIVAL. Amlan, June 29, old ritual invokes good fortune on fisherman, images of patron St. Peter and St. Paul are ferried by decorated sea crafts between the two chapels of Tandayag Amlan.

SINULOG DE TANJAY. Tanjay, third week of July choreographed procession recounts ancient Monochristian conflict and the intercession of patron Senior Santiago.

SILIMAN UNIVERSITY FOUNDER'S DAY. Weeklong activities ending August 28 commemorate the establishment, in 1901, of the first Protestan University in the country.

HUDYAKA FESTIVAL. Bais City , on September 7- Mardi gras and eloborate floats brings secular revelry to the city fiesta.

BUGLASAN FESTIVAL. The Province fiesta, agritourism fair, festival of festivals, every October.

ST. PAUL COLLEGE DUMAGUETE FOUNDER'S DAY. Dumaguete City, a weeklong activity ending October 29 marks the founding in 1904, of the first St. Paul de Charters institution in the Philippines.

SANDUROT FESTIVAL. Dumaguete City , third week of November -- fiesta events welcome the various cultural strain that enrich the city's character.

PASKO. Though December -- lighted display and gain Christmas animation in the parks and nightly activities to celebrate the holiday's season. Epecially Dumaguete city, Bais city, Bayawan and Tanjay cities. Mabinay, Sibulan, and Ayungon.

HUGYAWAN DALANSAYAW. First Sunday of December, vigorous and elaborately choreographed street dancing by central visayas polytechnic college.

PINASKUHAN SIYAWIT AND PAROL FESTIVAL. The annual provincial Christmas festival, every 2nd weekend of December.

FOUNDATION UNIVERSIRY KASADYAAN FESTIVAL. Dumaguete City --3rd week of December -- features the Province's oldest and longest Mardi gras parade.

DOLPHIN AND WHALE WATCHING. Bais city, leisurly cruise travel of Bais Bay for delightful surprises, best during 2nd and 3rd quarter of the year.

13th OF EVERY MONTH. Sibulan -- hordes of supplicants travel to shines of St. Anthony of Padua and the holy child at the parish church









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