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With the vast expanse of the night sky above us and a canopy of stars to gaze upon, I'd have to say, that was the perfect time to just sit down and unwind. A walk in the beach would have been okay but hanging out at Lab-as was way better.

Every crack and crevice, every detail of the place bespeaks a soothing atmosphere that's sure to rid you of the much-unwanted stress. From the warm, dim lights emanating from the beach lanterns enough to make you think of the sand and surf, to the long stretch of an aquarium brimming with a diversity of sea creatures that not only soothes a tired pair of eyes but more so, offers you a chance to get a glimpse of an underwater wonderland.

With a live piano performance every Friday and Saturday nights, Lab-as is nothing short of perfect when it comes to looking for a cozy place to savor the bounties of the sea behind a curtain of intricate wooden beads.

For those of us who are more into hanging out and grabbing a drink or two with the barkada, laughing and talking the night away, Hayahay Tree House and View Deck offers more than just the delectable gourmet pizza from Chez Andre. Allow the acoustic renditions of Allan, back to back with Audrey and Franco to strum away those Monday blues.

Get jiggy every Wednesday on the view deck or simply on solid ground with the catchy reggae beats and simply allow the music to move you.

End the week sipping a cool drink of iced tea and treat your taste buds with their baked oysters and sashimi, or a helpful serving of their mouthwatering Crispy Pata. Bask in the relaxing sweetness and allow the music to posses you.

For a place that simply chill and loose yourself in your thoughts over an array of refreshments to choose from, only a few steps up the tree house brings you a notch closer to the magnificence of the afternoon sunset with the flaming clouds and soft transition of colors as a backdrop.

Diversity within itself, Lab-as offers you endless choices to suit your mood. For a romantic dinner, within the confines of the piano bar would be great. Feeling fun and playful and simply thankful.









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