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   APRIL 01, 2012 EDITION
  Pillars of CEBU media. CEBU CITIZENS PRESS COUNCIL meeting en banc last Thursday at the Marcelo Fernan Press Center. The Cebu Citizen's Press Council has become a model of responsible media in the biggest city of the South. Aside from editors and broadcast managers, the CCPC Board is also composed of civic, religious, legal and academic leaders in the community.

A major conflagration on graduation eve, Tuesday, which consumed the main building of Mabinay's biggest public high school, totally burning all student records in the registrar's office, did not deter the over 230 seniors from holding their commencement exercises, Wednesday, ironically under a huge tent on a rainy afternoon.

It was a big dawn fire followed by heavy afternoon rain.

School Principal of some 2,000 public high school students of the Mabinay National High School is Lucrecia Nicolas. In tears when interviewed over DYEM FM's Good Morning Dumaguete, the school principal said that God has a good reason behind this fire because nothing happens without a good reason behind it.



Time there was when you speak of Cebu media, broadcast media specially, we refer to noisy, senseless, name-calling, shouting, lewd, free-for-all medium --not anymore. Cebuanos are now fed up with the noise, Cebu media, in general, have gained maturity. Of course, there are still exceptions, but hardly anyone listens to the noisy ones anymore.

There was so much noise in Cebu airlanes in the past years, so much so that people switched to FM music listening, because they were already annoyed by noisy commentators and blocktimers, who do mostly damaging and inaccurate information geared towards promoting the financier of the blocktimer and damaging the reputations of his opponents in the political arena.


The Regional Trial Court has ruled, through a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), that despite a pending disciplinary action against a graduating student, and that for as long as he or she does not have any failing grade, the graduating senior is not to be barred from joining the graduation march. Then, after the graduation rites, the probe may continue, otherwise, the issue can become moot.

But the big but is, the school defied the TRO and still disallowed the three senior high school girls from joining the graduation march last Friday. The legal battle could be one for the books as it rages on.


  God can do all things, but does not use divine power to over ride our freedom of choice.”



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