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  COMING OUT CLEAN…the complete city slate of Lupad Dumaguete show their individual Ombudsman-issued clearance as if to tell the public that “hey, change, grow, and fly.... let’s all start with a clean slate!!”  
  APRIL 03, 2016 EDITION  

      Ombudsman: clears all Lupads    

The Office of the Ombudsman, the anti-graft hearing body has issued individual clearances of “non-criminal and administrative” cases of all city candidates running under the new aggrupation called “Lupad Dumaguete.”

They are close to being called “lumads,” but they are the new political aggrupation called “Lupad Dumaguete,” composed of young aggressive lawyers, businessmen and professionals who are out to retake city hall with the battle cry of “change, grow and fly,” and replace the “old, complacent, status-quo oriented recycled political heirs”.


For the first time in the political history of the country, an Ombudsman Clearance is obtained by candidates running for different elective positions in Dumaguete City.

The Ombudsman clearance was presented to the public during the opening salvo of the 45-day campaign period of the group Lupad Dumaguete headed by mayoralty candidate Atty Felipe Antonio Remollo who was one-time city mayor of Dumaguete (photo below). This big rally was attended by around 2,000 supporters and leaders following a motorcade around the city’s major thoroughfares...



In the wake of the campaign season, lies, inuendos and false issues are being dished out by the barkers of politicians in the hope of finally fooling the people and ensure the victory of their financiers. You cannot win by lying.

One big lie is the city administration’s camp, as their barkers try to insinuate that the disapproved “water extraction” proposed ordinance is still being espoused by the opposition in imposing high water rates. Not true. There is no water extraction ordinance at all. We asked for a copy from the city council, they could not even provide a copy of the proposed and dead ordinance. And one barker (who obviously does not know , but is only paid to bark) is fooling the people and that reflects on the character of his financier. We should not vote for people who fool the public. Better open your eyes people, or be sorry later.

This city administration had six years to perform, and yet they are raising an issue l5 years old, like the heavy equipment which has long been resolved by the Ombudsman and COA , yet as if, it happened yesterday. Stupid fooling people. Why don’t they file an M..R. and see where the court will throw out their case. Why fool the people?

Instead, we want to hear what this city administration has been doing in solving the spate of STREET KILLINGS, (another killing, the 7th this year happened in Hibbard crossing EJ blanco last Tuesday.

Why is the city unable to arrest those noisy motorcycles? They blame it on the bidding of the decibels which is downright inexcusable because any sane man will know which is noise , and which is not. No political will at all..



After waiting for so long, and rearing to go, the over 700 candidates for local positions in Negros Oriental have finally gone high ball in their quest for local positions.

Contested are three congressional seats in the north, central and southern districts of Negros Oriental; the posts of governor, vice governor and city mayors of five chartered cities and 20 towns and their respective council members.

In the case of Dumaguete, the over 80,000 voters here want more tangible issues of local governance rather than the old rhetoric’s of old by-gone issues. It is because there are old fogies who in the absence of a decent income, want a come back maybe just for the P50,000 monthly stipend of councilor. Are they legislators?

The legitimate issues in Dumaguete should be the solutions to extra judicial street killings, drug trafficking, traffic congestion, uncontrolled noise pollution by noisy motorcycles, and poor garbage collection. For the first time and under this administration, the city has been full of uncollected garbage. The city now stinks in may places no longer spunky as before.

In the province, the issue is clean and honest governance and political immaturity where politics has caused so much divisiveness in the provincial board, evidenced by the failure to pass the 2016 budget.


Forgiving friends and
kins, and praying for them brings blessings to
one’s life.



Sometime late last year, I surfed the internet and scrolled Negros Chronicle for news updates about Dumaguete City. The name Ipe Remollo jumped out of the electronic page, conjuring a lot of memories about when he was mayor of this university town and his vision to transform this City of Gentle People into a modern day home.

I remember during his time as mayor, Ipe opened the Looc-Hibbard Avenue road, negotiated a new site for his proposed government centre, and opened a new southbound bus terminal among others. The projects were part of the master plan or blueprint to develop growth centres and spread development into the countryside. Outside of the plan, he strengthened the city’s housing program and converted the Candau-ay dumpsite into a Galing Pook national award-winning ecological park.


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