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  CRIMES IN NEGOR: Drugs and unsolved extrajudicial killings continue to be top priority in the crime situation as discussed by Army, PNP and civilians composing the peace and order council, in a pre-holy week conference.  
  APRIL 05, 2015 EDITION  

      Gov’s mandamus “ultra vires” – SP    

The Provincial Board officially told the Regional Trial Court that the petition of the Governor for a writ of mandamus against them is beyond the scope of his authority, therefore, described the Governor’s act as “ultra vires.”

Members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan stood firm on their “keen and deliberate judgment” to delete and transfer the items in the annual budget deemed excessive and branded the petition of the Governor to subject them to a writ of mandamus as “ultra vires,” therefore must be dismissed by the court.

The dispute between the legislative and executive departments stemmed from the collegial decision of the former to transfer the proposed P 15 million for medical and surgical mission to the district and community hospitals and after the P 10 million intelligence fund of the latter was also deleted from the annual budget.

Governor Roel Degamo vetoed the two items, but the SP simply took no action asserting that a veto of a non-existing item or items in the annual budget is considered null and void and ultra vires as supported by an earlier opinion of Region 7 Department of Budget and Management Director Carmela S. Fernan...



Is President Aquino hiding under the skirt of the new peace council which he formed under Cardinal Tagle and ex Chief Justice Davide? —thus evade responsibility whatever? Too many people are now tinkering and cooking the BBL menu. We are afraid it might turn out to be non-palatable in the end.

The current deliberations as to how to legalize the Basic Bangsamoro bill could further complicate matters until it will jeopardize national interest and security.

On one hand, the Bangsasmoro camp is in a hurry because it is the fulfillment of their dreams. On the other hand civilians thru the government are wary because there are still many unanswered questions.

The apparent mishandling of the Mamasapano massacre was the start of the complication. It was bad enough that the many misconceptions of the BBL was due to the failure of many legislators in Congress to actually read the bill, thus there were many wrong anticipations hurled for public consumption thru the media.

That’s the problem when you feed the media half truths and wrong information, they will be up for many interpretations even speculations. The last thing to be discussed is the real truth.



If the illegal drug trade continues, it is mainly because the source of money to buy drugs from street peddlers are not cut. Sadly but truly, most of the drug money come from the parents themselves of drug buyers and users. The peddlers have mostly “graduated” from that stage.

And the worst party to join this illegal drug trade are the buyers themselves. If the buyers stop buying, there will be no more drug circulation. Starve the addicts.

However, most drug users continue to ask (or steal?) money from parents to buy shabu.We need the parents to cut down, if not minimize, their children’s allowances if they suspect their kids are drug users. Most of all monitor their whereabouts before or after school.

We don’t know yet or it might still be too early to officially know whether the 200 cellphones distributed by the city mayor to the different barangay sectors and informants have produced positive results in the campaign against the illegal drug trade.

"Resentment always
hurts you more than
it does to the person
you resent"



I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Fr. Lean Purcell, CSSR for his feedback and comment to my brief article on Pedophilia on Feb. 8, 2015 issue. That very article was written a number of years ago when an actual report of a foreign national was sued in court for molesting some children both boys and girls. He invited them to his place and gave them something to eat, took some pictures and brought them to swim in private beaches...

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Lenten Musings

The season of Lent is replete with a lot of reflections and individual musings, but that is if you are the spiritual or faithful type of a person. No offense meant to those who think they are infallible, thus, do not need any intervention in their pursuits, divine or otherwise. But, between you and me, a wide chasm of possibilities...

Let me test your ability to feel outrage. Lets say a good Filipino man; father of three; devoted husband is set upon by four Americans, half his age, and brutally murdered ANGRY YET? Let’s also say the Filipino was unarmed while the young Americans had at least one knife with which they stabbed the Filipino...

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