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   APRIL 06, 2014 EDITION
  Army-NPA clash: two rebs dead. TWO REBELS KILLED in an encounter in Makasakasa and Ylalan, Pamplona as army soldiers carry the 2 rebels dead; two more were wounded; several heavy weapons were left behind. Photo by Choy Gallarde  

Army-NPA clash: two rebs dead

Both drivers and operators’ groups plying the new bus and jeepney terminal at the Robinsons mall compound want separate terminals for north-bound and south-bound public utility vehicles for the convenience of both the riding public and their operators.

The group of stakeholders said that for north-bound vehicles, they will consume more fuel in just going southward towards the terminal and vice versa.

Their passengers will also be inconvenienced for the latter have to flag down a tricycle just to go to the south terminal, even if they are north-bound.

Councilor JV Imbo said that in convienced the present arrangement of hosting both north and south bound jeepneys is just temporary. There is nothing final until the experiment will net positive results.

Interviewed by DYEM fm’s “Good Morning Dumaguete” talkshow, Imbo said that government has only the welfare of the people in mind. In case they have something more sensible, they are free to submit the same to the city council for possible deliberations.

Most of the transport groups are opposed to the putting up of a single terminal at Robinsons along with the imposition of P10-25 departure fee per trip. The collective sentiment was aired during the recent public hearing on the proposed ordinance establishing the Dumaguete City transport terminal.



No special treatment?
Presumed innocent...

How can 3 senators if indicted and if issued arrest warrants by the Sandiganbayan not be given special treatment when their supposed mastermind in the pork barrel scam who is Janet Napoles is even given VIP treatment at the place where she is detained, how much more if the senators are formally charged before the sandiganbyan if and when...

Of course they will be given special VIP treatmkent,because that is how the people treat them as VIPs. Just look at the long line of security escorts once Napoles goes in and out of her detention cell. How much more the three supposedly top honorable men in thesenate?

The Office of the Ombudsman Tuesday reported that it found probable cause to file plunder and graft charges against Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon Revilla.

The anti-corruption agency said the basis was the plunder complaints filed by the National Bureau of Investigation last September 2013. But since then no actual case has yet been filed even as the 3 legislators were given 5 days to answer their charges.

So they can still flee and get out of the country for good. I don’t think they will avail of this “flight means guilt” principle.

The pork barrel scam is an elaborate scheme of siphoning lawmakers’ PDAF to questionable NGOs for non-existent projects. These funds were instead converted to kickbacks among the senators, their personnel, and Napoles. Who is currently detained at Fort Santo Domingo.



Most if not all universities and colleges here in Dumaguete have decided to revert to the old June school year opening instead of September for practical reasons.

Secondly, those September advocates merely want to attract foreign students to study here so they can augment income , in order too, to compensate for the loss of college income when the K-12 is operational, meaning two more years of high school.

What is new is that the city’s premier institution Silliman Unviersity and soon Foundation University and St Pauls University will start on-line enrolment this June meaning, students from all over the country and the world can enroll and pay tuition at Silliman U , using the internet.

As mentioned among the main factors being considered for the revert is that with the implementing rules of the K-12 additional two years in high school, colleges will tend to lose money in potential college freshmen and sophomore tuition fees.

At the same time, by synchronizing school opening of colleges and universities to September, together with other nations which have long adopted this system of opening of classes, the Philippines can now refocus its full potential for education-tourism. Just imagine, rich students abroad to study here because they want to spend money in tropical paradise country and at the same time, earn as diploma!

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