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   APRIL 07, 2013 EDITION
  Senator Loren in Bauang, La Union. Reelectionist Senator Loren Legarda shares her platform and legislative priorities to the people of Bauang, La Union. Among Legarda’s priorities are: Philhealth coverage for the 25 million poorest Filipinos, one college graduate in every poor family through the Pantawid Tuition Program, and the implementation of the Expanded Senior Citizens Act.  

Vote-buys still No. 1 poll issue

Veteran politicians and candidates fear of an anticipated and massive down- pour of election money, mostly from certain neophyte and rich candidates who believe that the surest way to win an election is to buy the votes of ignorant and fearful masses in the hinterlands, not in the lowlands.

But the neophytes claim they learned this principles also from veteran politicians whom they describe as retaining power because of money. So this time, certain rich young aspirants, female or male, it would seem, might want to match the money of the veterans.

Election observers say this could yet be the most expensive elections ever held in Negros Oriental, considering that the vote-buying rate here before was only a measly P500 per vote in worst scenario. But nothing compared to Siquijor which is said to buy votes at as high as P2000 per head, and Dipolog almost a whooping P5000 per head!



What’s so nice about buying one’s way to office?

We continue to wonder: what’s so nice about spending millions of pesos just to get elected to a coveted public office? What’s so nice “up there?” Is it the feeling of being treated like a king or queen? The late Lorenz and Mike used to tell me this many times before.

If one earned these millions with the sweat of his or her brow, why give it away in a puff, just to sit in that throne called public office? Can you recover the millions you spent just to get elected? The answer can only be YES! It would not only be crazy, but downright stupid of you to say NO. But how? Do you know how? We don’t seem to know how to do it legitimately.

With the entry of rich neophyte candidates, they learn from old fogies, that the only way to be king in a public office is to buy the votes of ignorant voters. And the only way to hold on to the throne is to pile up millions during one’s term, and use it for the next elections.

Undeniably, in most if not all construction works, there is always that SOP or 10% whether you like it or not. Not counting the extras, huh. So if Juan is able to secure P500M worth of public works projects, that’s P50M in SOP. If one gets that kind of projects every year for three years, then easily P150M in stock for the next election is ready. So buying votes will not be hard.



After celebrating April fools day, it’s time for sober minds to buckle down to what their respective roles are in making life better for the community —- and not worse.

The election countdown has started ticking and now it’s time to minimize if not eliminate character destruction and continue building up what our candidates can do to make life better for the people once elected.

In the case of radio blocktimes, we ask our people concerned including their own brand of listeners to bear with us because we want to follow the law governing such matters as R.A. 9006 otherwise known as the Fair Elections Act . Yet, we are still awaiting official word from the Comelec regarding sensitive matters in the current updated election law.

For instance, the Comelec from Manila down to the provinces , have not yet decided on how to implement the strict airtime limitations of each candidate or political party in the last 45 days of the campaign, especially among local candidates.

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