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  Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria led the cutting of ribbon during the SSS AlkanSSSya Grand launching and MOA Signing on Tuesday, April 7,2015 at the Robinson’s Mall. With him are SSS Officials SVP Atty. Eddie Jara, SSS OIC-AVP Raul Casiano, ISG President Amalia Tolentino and BJMP C/Inspector Rosalina Malahay and BJMP Staff with Informal Sector Groups in the City (PIO)  
  APRIL 12, 2015 EDITION  

      City 6x higher on sexual child abuse    

Dumaguete has reached its highest peak in terms of cases involving abused women and children, now up by six times based on last year’s figure.

The figure showed that in 2013 there were only 13 reported cases involving women and children in the city but went as high as 85 in 2014, according to Whelma Villanueva, who is officer in charge of the Children Protection Unit (CPU) of Dumaguete.

Of the number, 20 are sexually abused children and seven of them are incest cases.

The CPU was purposely established by the city government to assist children and women victims of sexual abuse, and other forms of abuse including battering, so that interview with the victim is conducted in just one setting with representatives from the womens’ desk, the police, city social welfare office, the city health office and other agencies involved to avoid a traumatic experience of the victim. In this setup processing of the information can be fasttracked and would lead to the immediate apprehension of the suspects.

Villanueva attributed the increase in the reported cases of abuses against women and children to the massive information dissimination about pertiment provisions of a number of laws that protect women and children conducted by agencies involved...



This apparent childish tug of war among capitol officials between the executive and legisla tive department politicians is doing a disservice to the people who are the ultimate losers.

For instance, project implementations are delayed because there is an apparent confusion as to who will sign the checks for the projects which were transferred to the office of the vice governor but the governor blocks, if not delays, the same because it is the executive department which implements all projects, not the provincial board. Therefore there is an apparent stalemate.

Truth of the matter is all politics. Governor wants to be party-less thinking he can win elections that way, as he did, since he can infiltrate all camps with minimal funding. So he wants to amass as much budget which he can (legally) use for the people to gain political mileage. So the provincial board opposition camps are blocking Degamo’s political interests, in the name of exercising WITH PRUDENCE the power of the purse. So, on which side are you now?



The timely tip of well-meaning, if not intel-planted people within the pier area has foiled what could have been the start of an unhampered smuggling of rice from Mindanao into our province.

There were a series of attempts by small boats (batil) to smuggle five thousand sacks of illegally imported rice from the backdoor to the detriment of our economy.

Who are the usual suspects? Of course those who sell the stuff in the markets. And if only to foil future attempts on this multi million enterprise if allowed to flow unabated, we challenge the eleven rice cartel businessmen who control the industry in this province to plant intelligence agents under their payroll to report any future attempt to re-enter smuggled rice thru our small pier.

"Past is past,
nothing changes it;
you are only hurting
your self with your


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Legacy of service

It is always a joy listening to inspirational messages, most especially if they are shared by young people whose life stories and experiences serve to inspire others as well. Celebrating another national holiday last Thursday, which is “Araw ng Kagitingan,” brings to mind ordinary, everyday heroes who, although not as....

A very nice local Filipina, a graduate of Silliman University and one of Dumaguete’s leading citizens, got together with a group of friends and submitted to me a short list of grievances they thought I should write about in the newspaper. This was my response. It is nice that you all think I can solve problems....

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