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   APRIL 13, 2014 EDITION
  Victory for both sides. The violet and red groups advocating the implementation and repeal of the Reproductive Health Law claim victories following the Supreme Court decision. The bottom line of the verdict is that the FREEDOM OF CHOICE as to what method every stakeholder will use and disssemiante is respected. All penalties are waived because what is at play will be the exercise of individual choices, including natural family planning method.  

Church to open RH Law infocens

The diocese of Duamaguete which covers 90% of the total population of Negros Oriental of around 1.2million inhabitants , will be opening strategic information centers all over the province, in order to disseminate information about the use of natural family planning method.

This was disclosed by Msg. Julito Cortes, bishop of the diocese of Dumaguete in the wake of the recent decision of the Surpeme Court saying the RHLaw is “not unconstitutional”.

As you know, at least l8 petitions were filed before the High Tribunal seeking to declare the RHLaw 10354 as unconstitutional. Only eight provisions were declared illegal by the SupremeCourt.

In a CHRONICLE interview, Bishop Cortes said that as good citizens, the oppositors to the RHLaw which is mostly the Catholic laity and clergy, will honor the Supreme Court ruling.

Cortes lauded the removal of penalites upon violators because the Tribunal respected the freedom of choice as to which method the people concerned will use.

Having freed from penalties, the Church people can now have a pro-active dissemination on the use of the natural method of family planning, or spacing children.

He said that lack of information and education is the main culprit in over population, and unwanted pregnancies.

He admitted that the poor and marginalizedare ironically the sector that produce unwanted pregnancies.

Therefore, it is the duty of the church laity and clergy to disseminate correct vital information to the stakeholders.



What are the eight Illegals in the RHLaw?

The Supreme Court in summer enbanc has declared as illegal or unconstitutional eight items in RA10354 otherwise known as the RHLaw on reproductive health.
For your information, the eight items in the ReproHealth Law are considered illegal and unconstitutional:

Sec 7 (illegal) to require private clinics or hospitals withOB patients to be referred to another health facility which is conveniently accessible; (b) (illegal) to allow minors-parents or minors who suffered miscarriage access to modern family planning methods even without parental consent; illegal to impose no deposit, no admittance rule in emergency or serious cases;

Sec 23 (a) (1)(illegal) punishing any healthcare provider who refuses to believe and disseminate information on reproductive health regardless of his/her religious belief

Sec 23 (a) (2) (i)—(illegal) allow married individuals, not needing an emergency to undergo RH procedures without the consent of the spouse;

Sec 23 (a) (3) illegal –to punish any healthcare provider to fails or refuses to refer patients (not in emergencies) to another hs provider regardless of religious belief;

Sec 23 (b) illegal— to punish any public officer who refuses to support r\RH program regardless of religious belief.




The Supreme Court played the role of the wise King Solomon when the highest tribunal of the land—now headed by the first woman chief justice — made a win-win decision upholding the constitutionality of the Reproductive Health law by saying the law “was not unconstitutional,” but at the same time striking out eight controversial provisions.

Sec.7 which upholds the right of every individual to exercise freedom of choice, as to which method to use (including the natural method of course) in regulating the spacing of their babies. No single method is endorsed;

Sec 17. Which gives freedom of the doctor of give free or pro bono lecture in promoting family planning in his own way as an individual medical practitioner. No longer is this made mandatory upon the physician with the threat of non renewal of his license if he does not disseminate information about family planning; and

Sec 23 which removes all penal provisions for those who do not believe in family planning . Nobody is to be punished for believing, and not-believing in any and all methods of birth control.

What is emphasized by the Supreme Court is that abortifacients which induce abortion is prohibited while contraceptives is allowed provided it merely prevents conception.

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