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   APRIL 14, 2013 EDITION
  All set for Palarong Pambansa, April 21-27, 2013, Perdices Coliseum Complex. PERDICES MEMORIAL ATHLETIC COMPLEX is the main venue of the 2013 Palarong Pambansa is now ready for the games except for some minor finishing touches.  

PNoy, VP Binay barnstorm NegOr

If plans do not miscarry and if weather permits, the two top officials of the country, President Noy Aquino and Vice President Jojo Binay will barnstorm this province but on separate dates and time this month.

For instance, preparations are high for the President’s formal opening of the Palarong Pambansa on April 21. On the same week, VP Binay will also lead as special guest with UNA senatoriables , who will grace the 93rd birthday anniversary of political kingmaker Herminio “Miniong” Teves.

The UNA bets will immediately swing to various towns in separate teams.

President Aquino’s party meanwhile will also be participated in by many LP senatoriables.

The president could not come last time when the LP bets were proclaimed here. It was due to bad weather, even if it was bright and sunny here.



Unless the Comelec reverses its order, we uphold the law

We had no choice but to abide by the order of the commission on elections (Comelec) to halt all political block times and implement the 2-minute political radio ad rule of the comelec. You can read the Comelec Order in Full on page 2.

It is not our own doing to halt the block times of politicians, it is the comelec’s order. Everybody in that foto appearing on page 2 got a signed copy from Comelec.

If others do not follow the rule of law, then we beg to disagree because we will abide by the rule of the comelec. That is the right thing to do.

The detractors of the comelec order were there personally when the comelec ordered the 2-minute rule to be imposed. We are just following the comelec which is the regulatory agency of this elections.

If others do not follow, that’s the call of the comelec whom we believe will have to impose its own order. Otherwise nobody will believe the comelec anymore.



While it is true that the spirit of the Fair Elections Act or Republic Act 9006 is to level the playing field for all candidates, what has resulted is the unfair competition and the law has become “unfair” to those who have less in gold.

One specific aspect, is the conflict of interpretations in the media exposure for the candidates and political parties especially in the areas of section 6.

With the filing of certificates of candidacies as early as October the campaign spree blasted almost immediately with having no prohibition in the law.

What resulted was chaos in the media and the mad rush to purchase radio and TV block times by the rich candidates to the detriment of the poorer ones who could not afford even a regular radio spot to sustain them up to May 11.


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