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   APRIL 15, 2012 EDITION
  Ceres buses are now allowed to detour roads in Dayoyo, Pangaloan, Jimalalud as a new P60-M bridge will be constructed by DPWH. "In our humble observation, the government is moving, But not at a pace that is fast enough as it is urgently needed. The snail-pace bureaucracy is moving . Patience among commuters is being sought , but diminishing." - editorial

First district Rep Josy Limkaichong has debunked claims that the government is not putting all efforts as expected in restoring the major bridge in the North of this province even as tong collections by private detour-land owners are getting into the nerves of bus and vehicle commuters in Dayoyo Point, Pangaloan Bridge, Jimalalud.

In fact, as of Friday, the Ceres Bus Liner, the biggest Negros Island transport company, has been allowed access to the detour road made by private owners and for all vehicles alike. There is an estimated 150 daily passing the north detour road. Ceres Manager Ricardo Granada negotiated with the land owners to gain access through the detour area.




It may be a small matter, at least, when it started several resolutions ago by the City Council. But this business of making resolutions just for themselves as lawmakers, meaning,-- not to include their mayor, may speak of independence, but there are other ways to express separation of powers, we believe.

For instance, in the matter of the City Council commendation on Dumagueteño Admiral Monett Yap as Coast Guard national commander, the city council, thru a resolution authored by Councilor Nilo Sayson, was sufficiently passed without needing the mayor's signature, ----but with the concurrence of the mayor's allies in the council? All of them?


The Department of Public Works and Highways is now tasked to solve, as soon as possible, the private daily toll fee collection of P5 to P30 from all public and private buses and vehicles, which pass through the detour point at Pangaloan, Brgy. Dayoyo in JImalalud, the scene of a collapsed bridge, which links the north of Negros Oriental down to Dumaguete.

However, only last Friday, the Ceres buses which are the biggest passenger carrier in this province , have just been allowed to pass the detour road apparently because they have agreed with the price to pay the detour-land owners. So Ceres and hundreds of passengers daily, no longer have to get down at the cut- Pangaloan bridge and walk to transfer to the waiting Ceres buses at the opposite end, including cargoes.


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