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  Degamo unfazed; business as usual. Confident of victory Gov. Degamo is all smiles as he tells media about his multi hundred million Ombudsman cases. To his left is his “collateral damage” boys Danny Mendez, and Teodorico Reyes, provincial treasurer and accountant respectively. The guv knows the cases will go beyond elections under a news president.  
  APRIL 17, 2016 EDITION  

      Ombuds: file graft raps vs. governor    

The Office of the Ombudsman in Quezon City has found probable cause and ordered the filing of criminal charges against Governor Roel Degamo and his provincial treasurer Danilo Mendez and provincial accountant Teodorico Reyes for 11 counts of alleged Malversaton of Public Funds through Falsification in violation of the Revised Penal Code and RA 3019 or the anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act coverring the P480M calamity fund fiasco.

However, the same Ombudsman has cleared Gov. Roel Degamo of any administrative or civil liabilities under the Aguinaldo Doctrine, because of his re-election as provincial governor in 2013, in connection with the case filed in 2012 by a certain June Vincent Manuel Gaudan, resident of Purok Santan, Barangay Taclobo for alleged violation of the the anti-graft and corrupt practices act, malversation and grave misconduct.


If found guilty on the criminal aspect, in addition, the same respondents will be liable for grave misconduct, and meted the penalty of dismissal from the service, with the accessory penalties of cancellation of eligibility, forfeiture of retirement benefits and perpetual disqualification from employment in the government service...



The city’s two-decades old four-hectare garbage dumpsite finally couldn’t take it anymore. With 50 tons of garbage dumped everyday in this stockyard (from what used to be 32 tons) of all of Dumaguete’s dirt, the three-story garbage mound finally caught fire with its smoldering methane gas beneath plus the 40- degree celcius El Nino heat.

After many fruitless sessions of its city council, the city administration has failed to find a suitable dumpsite , definitely outside of this growing city. This despite the clear mandate of the law on land use, this local government (Which claims to be multi-awarded with so many things) has again failed its people in securing this community with a suitable dumpsite for the city’s filth. With elections coming in three weeks, the people are now quite impatient in pressing city hall with three options for the health of the general public otherwise they will lose their votes.

Close the dumpsite; operate the MRF in every barangay or tie-up with a neighboring towns for a joint venture to operate a sanitary landfill for their garbage. None of these options have been fully taken by the city government except on frequent “planning stage” and three MRF with only Junob MRF fully operating and no final MOA is signed with any LGU and DOST for this landfill joint venture.



That on-going smouldering fire at the 2.8hectare garbage dumpsite in Candau-ay this city, is actually a test of leadership for the future leaders of Dumaguete after elections. This comes as a challenge as to which mayoral candidate can offer the best and a lasting solution to this perennial problem of disposing 50-tons of daily garbage of Dumaguete.

Instead of criticizing the old and past administrations for their failure, we pose the challenge to our two mayoral groups called the, Lupad Dumaguete and the incumbents Abante Dumaguete. Which of the two groups can offer the best solution to our garbage problems? Fact remains that Dumaguete is no longer what it used to be, as the cleanest city in the country. Those days are gone, so the song goes.

One group called the new alternative named Lupad Dumaguete headed by former city mayor Atty. Ipe Remollo is said to have already arranged with at least three mayors of the neighboring towns (assuming that they win) to jointly undertake a garbage landfill basin MOA and thereat, the city will invest on dump trucks with the private sector) which will transport 50 tons of garbage to the landfill area. Landfill method is good because it has many collateral benefits such as organic fertilizer for fruit-bearing trees, clean water, and a healthy environment.


If God retains your
burdens, He always gives enough strength to
bear them.



The group called “People Exercising the Constitutional Right to a Healthy and Balanced Ecology” are petitioning to opposed the issu ance of Environmental Compliance Certificate for the proposed Southern Negros Geothermal Plant 60 MW expansion project, on the following grounds:

1. Cuernos de Negros or Mt. Talinis is the last remaining forest patch as habitat for wildlife but as a water source for the 15 towns and cities in southern Negros. It is a key biodiversity area of 23,565 hectares.

2. The staggering cost is P27billion for 5,163 hectares for development. The drilling is just to prepare for possible future development;

3. WE are not against geothermal plants , we are against any expansion towards Mt Taliinis because it is a small area for wildlife that is left and we have to preserve its water source for the people.


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Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz, D. D. recently wwrote his re cent book on Marriage. I will share with you the high lights of this book in the succeeding issues. While it is not exactly correct to say that marriage has been a reality, “since time immemorial”, it is nevertheless more realistic to state that marriage...
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