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  P27 M boulevard extension by Xmas. Brisk construction works so as not to be caught up by giant waves under climate change, are being done at the pier side of the boulevard by the Philippine Ports Authority to the tune of P27Million. This money comes from PPA collections of various fees for using the waterfront nationwide.  
  APRIL 19, 2015 EDITION  

      Capitol-City split in 1-Negros bid    

Provincial and City officials are split in the proposal to create one Negros island region even as the national leadership is inclined to push for the P40-billion shift, in order to spur more development.

Fears were afoot that the governor might not (ministerially) sign the city-resolution endorsing one-Negros as it appears that the governor is among vocal oppositors plus three city councilors who opposed the city-sponsored resolution last week.

In an earlier intrerview with DILG Sec Mar Roxas with the CHRONICLE editor in DYRD-Tagbilaran last week, Roxas endorsed the one-Negros region saying it will speed up regional development.

However, the governor said, it is not true that it is an overwhelming consensus of the people of Negros Oriental to revive the plan to integrate the two provinces of the island into one region, as gleaned from the approved resolution of the city council of Dumaguete in its regular session last Wednesday.

Gov Degamo issued the statement in reacting to pronouncements made by Vice Mayor Woodrow Maquiling Sr. quoting DILG Sec. Mar Roxas that it has not received any document from any group in the province that expressed its opposition to the proposal and that he was given by the secretary one week within which to submit its resolution of support...



We chanced upon DILG Sec Presidentiable Mar Roxas in Tagbilaran city last weekend and in a DYRD interview he told us that one-Negros region is just awaiting PNoy’s approval with his endorsement.

We say there are more advantages than disadvantages for a one-Negros region concept. But it is easier said than done. Just on the merits, its success or failure, its realization or its demise, would depend on the 2016 elections. So as not to be repetitious, please refer to our editorial this issue.

The big reason why Binay is topping the surveys is that he has long been preparing for it. He has also made it official that he is running for President come 2016. Makati’s 200plus sister cities with LGUs getting free lodge at the Binay-constructed lodging for LGUs plus a Lakbay aral tour in Makati for sister cities is something that could be his core of solid supporters now at 36% (SWS survey is published elsewhere in this issue.



It is fair to say that the advantages which 1Negros can bring to this island, far out-weighs the disadvantages. On one major condition: that its implementation be done justifiably and equitably. If not, it will be a P40- billion disaster.

P40-billion because that is the cost of putting up one regional center, complete with trimmings and regional directors and offices. Into which Negros to locate these regional offices is one major debate again.

At best, PNoy might sign the executive order within his term whatever gives this a legal binding effect. But remember that PNoy’s term will end in May 2016 and Negros will be here to stay.

Will his successor support 1Negros? Yes, if it will be a Roxas presidency. NO if it will be a Binay. Maybe, if it will be a Grace Poe miracle.

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