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  Methane “war” continues. DUMPSITE SCAVENGERS continue to earn livelihood despite threats of closure being an environment (methane gas) hazard. It could lead to its eventual conversion into a Materials Recovery Facility MRF where only recyclable materials will be dumped, so scavengers cans still use it as their livelihood area. LEFT: Rey Awayan, city environment officer.  
  APRIL 24, 2016 EDITION  

      Bets warned: hands off 4Ps    

Government has warned some 700 local candidates for various positions in Negros Oriental to lay their hands off from pro-poor funded programs of DSWD and other agencies among others and refrain from using it for their electoral advantage on May 9.

This came close to the criticism of the opposition who claim that government is liable for electioneering favoring administration candidates by distributing billions of pesos in the guise of governmentfunded advocacy programs.

The opposition said that in the distribution of funds for the poor by government, only administration candidates are invited to the discrimination of the opposition. They said such funds are owned by the people, and should not be used for political administration’s advantage.

Some legal circles are contemplating in filing appropriate charges against politicians whose faces of influence and hands are seen and felt during distribution of funds for the poor.

Some even claim that certain adminsitatoin candidates are listing down poor beneficiaries who are cajoled to support them in exchange of government fund assistance.

For the Kalahi-CIDSS it has already covered 24 municipalities all over the island...



We agree with social media that the sentiment of the coming election of May 9 is: “anything but the status quo, a grievance and protest vote.”

But of course it doesn’t mean that we won’t be reelecting people who deserve it. That appears to be the trend. But it can change like the weather anytime. Money talks baya, --even to the blind.

By anything but the status quo means mostly anything but the bad ways we ran things, like straightening daang matuid made crooked by implementers themselves. The intention was good, but there was poor leadership so straight road went crooked, in many ways but not all.

DIGONG DUTERTE: for instance.

Why of all presidentiables, he appears to be liked best?

Because he can connect with ordinary people who think, act, and behave like him. So what else can you expect but birds flocking with the same feather.

GRACE POE: is clean, and she sports the foundling daughter of the movie idol of the masses who is long dead, but appears to have been cheated in his election, thus, this grievance vote.



Except for daily mudslingings, which nobody is impressed at all from those half-baked barkers, the people of Dumaguete still need to know, clear-cut, what are the plans for the next six years of LD and AD, that is Lupad Dumaguete and Abante Dumaguete, two major contenders for city hall.

Generically, the AD are incumbent re-electionists who have yet to present a clear picture of what they want to do with Dumaguete in the next six years. What has good friend Wood Maquiling’s boys have to offer Dumaguete after 2016? We want clear-cut answers.

Generically, too, LD or Lupad Dumaguete are presenting a clear plan of what Dumaguete will be doing in the next six years. They have this re-furbished master plan authored by balik-city mayorable Atty. Ipe Remollo.

From the people: we want LD and AD to tell us their planned solutions to the city’s major problems which until now are not yet very clear.


God devised a plan of redemption that satisfies
His justice and His love.



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