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  Roxas consults 1Negros stakeholders. DILG SEC MAR ROXAS said “we are not forcing 1-Negros Region, it is up to you in this island,” as he consulted non-politicians, academe, NGOs and private stakeholders last Tuesday and heard their sentiments. Bottom line: people favor PROVIDED the sharing of infrastructure is just and equitable, preferably an automatic 60/40 for Oriental in big or small projects.  
  APRIL 26, 2015 EDITION  

      Mar backs 1Negros; Degamo came by    

Liberal Party presidentiable former Senator Mar Roxas, concurrently secretary of Interior and Local Governments, met for three hours with non-politicians, social media stakeholders, non-government organizations, pastors, and the media to express his all-out support for the one-Negros Island Region which is now awaiting Presidential imprimatur.

He set aside any Constitutional obstacle as this is purely an administrative function of the executive department which was also done and approved in Calabarson region.

Simply, Roxas explained, the entire Negros Island will be assigned with sub-regional offices with staff coming from concurrent provincial offices as the core. DILG will pull out regional staff from Cebu and Iloilo to man the sub-regional offices here during the transition period of two or three years.

There will be no administrative expense because present provincial and regional staff will man the same offices. The difference is that regional decisions and projects can be facilitated both in Dumaguete and Bacolod cities. Both cities will be linked on-line, thus there will be no need for unnecessary official travel.

Just in case of a Negros regional success, a big government lot in Kabankalan is...



As early as April, the major supporters of presidentiables Roxas and Binay are fast emerging. The Binay camp is being endorsed here by the Teves clan headed by patriarch Miniong “Mr 95” Teves who marked his 95th birthday anniversary last night at the Ang Tai Golf course.

The Roxas camp is supported by the Liberal Party plus NPC Rep George Arnaiz who has coalesced with the Liberal Party in the province. They say that they have the most complete slate in the administration party coalition. NPC founder Danding Cojuangco said that NPC will support whom Pres Aquino endorses.

Make no mistake, Gov Degamo might opt to go for Binay even as he made himself very conspicuous in Friday’s 1-Negros dialogue with Mar Roxas, the LP chieftain, at the Silliman mulipurpose center.

Degamo quipped that the LPs take caution in filing a plunder case against him in the Sandiganbayan thru the Ombudsman, because Degamo could yet be the most viable bet and who can sport a martyr image and get popular support in the end.



The “Aguinaldo Doctrine” the much invoked but outdated principle of condoning or absolving a corrupt elective public official of his wrong doings by virtue of his reelection into office must now be reviewed, if not repealed, by the Supreme Court because it promotes dishonesty in public service.

Do you mean to say that if you buy your way into your reelection to public office that will extinguish your wrong doings in your past administration? We say not anymore. Because this spurious doctrine can be bought these days. No less than the Supreme Court lady Chief Justice Ma Lourdes Sereno, last week castigated the lawyers of Makati Mayor JunJun Binay during oral arguments of his plunder case, saying that “because if we uphold this condonation doctrine , those plunder offenses and their penalties cannot apply to reelected officials.” This doctrine emanated in 1959 when a mayor of San Jose, Nueva Ecija was “exonerated by the Supreme Court of his administrative charges because of his reelection to office,” which indicates that the sovereign people have absolved his sins by reelecting him. Suppose he bought his way into office, does that not even worsen his crime?

Binay’s lawyers are now invoking this old doctrine that is why the Court of Appeals indefinitely stopped the suspension of Mayor Binay on his multi billion plunder allegations which the Ombudsman upheld thus ordered Binay’s preventive suspension.

"Fear is self-imposed
prison that hinders
God from molding you
as He planned."


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