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   APRIL 27, 2014 EDITION
  SCAVANGERS at the city garbage dumpsite do not exclude children who want to help their parents earn a living. At right is a photo file of the labor force in a textile industry in the country.  

Labor force raises 2014 work issues

The province’s labor force join their counterparts all over the country in raising work- related issues on Labor Day, May 1, Thursday.

Several labor organizations met with President Aquino last Thursday in Malaca ang, exactly one week before his fourth Labor Day celebration to discuss several issues concerning workers. Labor Day in the Philippines is marked every first day of May.

The eight issues earlier raised by Nagkaisa are ensuring security of tenure of workers by criminalizing or eliminating contractualization of labor, enhance labor rights by deterring union-busting and actively prosecute extrajudicial killings of labor organizers and journalists; providing exemption and enhancement on minimum wage taxation; institutionalizing core labor standards in the agro-industrial plan; and addressing affordability and supply sufficiency of power by forming a Presidential Task Force on Power composed of tripartite representatives, EPIRA reform, and labor representation in the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

Also waiting for Aquino’s response are issues on providing affordable housing program and non-violent transfer of urban poor communities from danger zones; ratification of ILO Convention 151—a convention concerning protection of the right to organize and procedures for determining conditions for employment in the government service; approving into law the Freedom of Information measure; and ensuring a jobs-led and workers’ sector participation in the planning and implementation of programs of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Yolanda-hit areas.



Contradictions, credibility issues muddle pork barrel probe

The people are impatient. They are told that because rich people and law makers are involved, the P10-billion pork barrel scam and more, may take years, even just to indict. Like the clear massacre of 52 people, the trial has not yet begun.

This is the standard, double standard kind of justice in the Philippines that has caused the current and longest revolution. Justice is delayed, and justice is denied to the poor, and is enjoyed by the rich. Wonder why the NPAs are still around?

A poor clerk who misused public funds for a few hundred thousands is stripped of his life-long retirement benefits, and is imprisoned. But here is a rich legislator who stole by the billions being focused on prime time TV news, and is repeatedly quoted as saying he or they did not steal a single centavo. Give me a break, man.

DOJ Delima’s good intention of “getting it all” from Napoles before she went under the knife, could create more trouble. Napoles is now attacked for credibility problems. Before the Senate, Janet said she knows nothing about the scam. Before she was operated, she told the justice secretary about many things and even named 12 more legislators, cabinet members and officials as included in the big scam.

Both were said under oath. How will the court believe her now. Her testimonies have contradicted themselves. She is liable to perjury. So what good will her future statements be?

A lot of senators and congressmen are now in jitters and are apprehensive about the “ more names” mentioned by Janet Napoles to Delima before her operation. You see, Napoles who needed an urgent surgery feared that somebody might “murder” her during the operation to make it look like an accident. So she told it all to Delima before going under the knife. The THRILL now is who is mentioned in the list. Evidence? Who is talking about evidence? The people simply want to KNOW THE TRUTH! People now do not need evidence. They know that their money had been stolen by certain legislators.



Today, US president Barak Obama winds up his four-day four-nation Asian shuttle visits which are relatively urgent before China beats Uncle Sam to the draw.

First in Tokyo last Thursday, first time for an American President in two decades; then South Korea, then Malaysia and today Sunday, in Manila.

People say that the U.S. interests in “protecting” the Philippines as an ally in the West only goes as far as America’s interests are concerned. Not ours.

If it is true that there are trillions of oil or natural gas underneath the controverted islands in the Spratleys, then not only America and China will be interested but also any nation or power, even the mafia, can poke his hand in our cookie jar.

We imagine “Waterworld”, the movie wherein the whole world was looking for elusive oil because of end times. The need may not be now, but it will come.

Like what Kojack said, we, Filipinos, do not realize our worth. We always think we are not good enough. We lack the positive attitude. Yes, whoever taught us that”planting rice is never fun,” destroyed our morale to believe that we are far better than others.

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