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  DILG Sec. MAR ROXAS although proclaimed as the anointed one by Liberal Party boss President PNoy last Friday as the future LP presidential standard bearer, will not yet resign as DILG secretary until October’s filing of certificates of candidacies.  
  AUGUST 02, 2015 EDITION  

      EDC to add 60MW more power here    

In a country hit by an energy crisis, the Southern Negros Geothermal Project of the Energy Development Corporation comes to the rescue by adding 60 Mega Watts more of power making the municipality of Valencia the country’s second largest geothermal producing field next to Leyte province.

EDC Officer-In-Charge Engr. Vicente Omandam Jr. said that this is the company’s response to the ever increasing demand for power pegged at 7% per annum amid reports that three coal plants will soon be established in Negros Island.

The additional 60MW would increase the 31-yearold SNGP’s current capacity from the present 222.5 MW to 282.5MW by the latter part of 2016. Once production starts additional Royalty and Real Property taxes will be reaped by its host LGUs...



Starting this week, this ten-year old column which used to be called “Critical Reporting,” is now renamed “Critically Constructive” in order to dissociate ourselves from the negative connotation of the old title. This time, it is clear that we are critical on valid issues with constructive intentions. We don’t destroy, but we build and rebuild matters of public importance and interest.

So guess who went to lunch at Club Filipino last Friday! Our mule at the Club Filipino told us that Gov. Degamo (partyless), Vice Gov. Mark Macias (LP), and Josy Limkaichong (LP) were among the warm bodies who wished Mar Roxas well on his anointment with holy oil by bishop NoyNoy.

Only Macias and Limkaichong were invited later to the residence of Judy Roxas Araneta, mother of Mar, to celebrate her birthday. We don’t know with Degamo, he did not announce that he was invited to post anointment activity. Rep George Arnaiz as usual is known for his delicadeza (sense of propriety); he did not show up at the Roxas anointment.



It is apparent that the Liberals in this province, including those who “pretend and ride” the LP bandwagon, all unite for a Mar Roxas’ presidency. But locally, they have their own agenda, and are most likely to split ways as the election heat mounts, and considering the intense heat in the kitchen many prefer to cook the political menu outside the perimeter of the party camp.

As intimated by political honchos, the Liberal Party leadership in the province is also split. Some say they owe their loyalty to old supreme Atty. Felipe Remollo who floated his desire to re-run as city mayor. Remollo is now based in Manila but is well connected with his palace-based classmates from the Ateneo law school.

On the opposite camp is that of first district Josy Limkaichong who is rerunning for congress after a sluggish defeat in the governorship last time around.

Coming in as independent but supportive of Mar Roxas is Gov. Roel Degamo who already publicly announced that he is for Mar and Mar needs him to penetrate the towns.

“Get up every time you stumble. It takes a lifetime to know God’s purpose.”  



Webster defines morality as the quality of that which conforms to right principles of human conduct. If we look closely around us in the world today, we can see the many signs of degrading lifestyles.

The family which was a solid foundation in society is threatened by many dangers like materialism, consumerism, divorce, immorality and infidelity. With the exception of a few, one can see that family life is becoming less of a model where true love and concern for one another prevails.

The youth on the other hand is confused, and in their search for their identity, are exposed to drug addiction, sexual experimentation, abortion, and vices. Society as a whole is in chaos and there is a need to redirect our lives in order to live a meaningful existence. It is on this premise that I would like to share on the importance of moral cleanliness.

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