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   AUGUST 03, 2014 EDITION
  Kris TV breezes into town. Presidential daughter Kris Aquino (in Ray Ban glasses) and TV showman Boy Abunda are met by Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria, Kag. Lani Ramon, and Tourism head RR Maquiling.  

Rid city hall of shabu users: SP

The entire city council has stepped into the anti-drug campaign even as the policymaking body of the city government has admitted that the proliferation of illegal drugs has “invaded” many city hall employees and offices although not yet in their alarming proportions.

City legislators are trying to fast-track the passage of a “drug-free city hall ordinance.” In an effort to show a good example to the community, that in their own official family clan, the heads of office are trying to control the malady.

As if inspired by the battle cry “smoke-free Dumaguete,” co-authors of the “drug-free city hall”, Councilors Lani Ramon and Tony Remollo defined the new policy in the making as:

“An ordinance creating a drug-free assessment committee, adopting a drug-free workplace policy of the city government of Dumaguete prescribing a compulsory drug testing program providing funds for the operation thereof and for other purposes.”

But, why still pass an ordinance when there is already the national anti illegal drugs trade? Councilor Ramon on CROSSTALK, noon primetime show at DYEMfm BAI RADIO 96.7mhz, explained that while law enforcers are effectively going after the drug ushers and peddlers, even financiers, their concern is to secure and provide funding (thru an ordinance) for the intensified random drug testing first, among city hall employees and soon officials and barangay councilmen.




It may not be the real dooms-week for end times, but Biblical prophesies warn to watch out for the worse situation in Israel when it will be the object of ire of practically all Arab countries.

It further states that once Israel will be surrounded by all-“enemy states,”it could be the beginning of the final war. But our faith is strong that this war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas, is just the tip of the beginning. But just watch out and keep your eyes open and obvserve the developments in the Middle East this week.

WE have 12,000 Filipinos in Libya and we call on Negrenses and Dumaguetenos if they have families there so we can also help contact them thru our hotlines. They are compulsorily asked to come back to the Philippines.

Based on our 24/7 monitorings, we do not fully favor Israel’s wholesale retaliation against Hamas where women and children are not spared. To us this is a violation of human rights and war rules. But Israel defends itself saying that Hamas is using children and private homes as their shield and launching pads of their missles against Israel. So Israel says that it has no choice in their own defense of their land.

We say there is still a final option: use guerilla warfare in which the Mossad of Israel are experts. By using guerrilla tactics they can pinpoint the targets.But the question is do they have time before Hamas pre-empts them.

Hamas who have a culture of terror, won the elections at the Gaza West Bank. They are making Palestinian leaders act as dummies as Hamas is now calling the shots. They are simply pursuing their ideology. Those who oppose them are called infidels and should be killed, according to their beliefs.



The reason why the City Council is pressing for the passage of a drug-free city hall (as if inspired by the smoke-free Dumaguete) is because our city policymakers are convinced just as our police are, that many employees of the city government are starting to be taking prohibitive drugs and if not nipped in the bud, will place drug addicts working within the city government, the city police department not exempted.

When asked, why does the city council have to pass an ordinance when there is already a national law mandating the drug testing of private and public personalities.

The issue of human rights now comes to play because precisely those taking prohibited drugs are the ones who are adamant and hard in submitting to a compulsory drug test.

Whereas, if the drug-free city ordinance is passed, besides present jurisprudence of mandatory drug testing, the city government can now allocate public funds for the mandatory but random drug test process at least among city hall employees and officials, and soon, city barangay officials down to the last barangay councilors.

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