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   AUGUST 04, 2013 EDITION
  LR: Councilors: DandanTeves, Tony Remollo, JV Imbo, Charles Lim and Sal Erames. Four city councilors of Dumaguete and one from Jimalalud are vying for the coveted turf of Proivincial Councilors League ex officio board member for the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. The NPC, the LP and the PDP LABAN are fielding a candidate each while two are running independent. Over 200 councilors as local lawmakers will cast their votes on August 7, Wednesday, at the convention center.  

Release P480M; Usec rap stays

After his undisputed victory in the 2013 gubernatorial polls, Gov Roel Degamo will re-try convincing the Aquino government to release the remaining half of P480-Milliion calamity fund intended for typhoon Sendong victims.

As you know, Malacanang thru DBM has ordered the recall of the first half of P480-M released before the elections for “technical reasons.” But Gov Degamo proceeded with the bidding and disbursement for the calamity fund from Malacanang.

His reason was that it was urgently needed by the people. And indeed, its timely reconstruction of river control systems prevented further damage in the next typhoon Pablo which also battered this province.

Despite all these, Pres PNOY announced that Malacanang was filing an administrative case against the governor but has withheld details. Degamo on the other hand pre-empted the palace case by filing a separate administrative case against the one who ordered its stoppage.



Eyebrows raised why so many new voters

Comelec’s eyebrows are again raised why so many “new” voters are registering for the barangay elections. Where were they 60 days ago during the May 13 elections? If they are flying voters, they can not register because it will take them 6 months to qualify to “transfer” to another barrio just to vote for their candidate.

Let me give some tips: remember over 323,000 ballots were not read by NegOr’s PCOS machines because of so many “voter-instigated defects?” Question is : most defects came from the barrios. Could it have been BEI-assisted ballots that became defective depending on the leanings of the BEI as some of them may have been politically influenced? We don’t know. Try to use your imagination.

Truly, pork barrels are intended to help the poor. But what is happening is that only but the poor are being assisted by PDAF in many, though not in all instances. A productive solution could be for Congress to institute a graft-free IRR procedure that will lock out corruptive plans. IRR means implementing rules and regulations of every law.



The incoming president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, Archbishop Socrates Villegas, hopefully the next Cardinal Sin, is calling for the abolition of the graft- ridden pork barrel system in the Philippines. And this call is fast catching fire. Before you know it, it might just explode into another people power III, this time, people impeaching corrupt legislators by hook or by crook. We do not perceive how it is done, but similarly did people not know how to oust Marcos and they did!

It would seem that the pork barrel system is the most attractive apple in the elective positions of government from the national down to the local levels.

The worse part about this graft ridden pork barrel is that it is confined mostly among “honorable” law makers, supposedly the policy makers of the land. Even the lowest councilor in a big city and the highest senator of the republic gets a chunk of the rigmarole called pork barrel.

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