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   AUGUST 05, 2012 EDITION
  Closing time, folks! The moment closure orders were issued Friday, City Hall expects that most Lotto Operators in Dumaguete were also set to file declaratory relief proceedings in Court.  


Unless their plans miscarry, most, if not all, l9 Lotto operators in Dumaguete City, under Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office (PCSO) franchise, will likely and jointly file a petition for declaratory relief, asking the Court to declare Ordinance 4, otherwise known as the Provincial Lotto Ordinance, unconstitutional.

This was to follow after the closure order by the City Mayor was issued by the city legal officer, Friday, implementing the unanimous vote of the City Council, disallowing the operation of legalized Lotto in Dumaguete city.

City Attorney Neil Rey Lasgahit said that provisions of Ordinance 4 is effective provincewide.




The City Legal Officer confirms that nowhere in the Philippines, but only in Dumaguete, wherein the city mayor cannot enforce an ordinance, unless the City Council takes a stand whether to allow its implementation or not. When asked to comment why, the City Legal Officer said: No comment.

It was also only from Dumaguete, who made the biggest howl against the use of motorcycle helmets, that the DOTC secretary ordered the suspension of its implementation nationwide until proper amendments are made on the national law, in order to suit local conditions in the rural areas and provinces. That is what we are a “University Town“ for. Inexhaustible discussion of relevant and substantial issues of the day-- only in Dumaguete, indeed!



The passage or disapproval of the controversial Reproductive Health Bill, or RH Bill for short, could yet be a strong determining factor on how influential or not is the Catholic Chruch in Philippine politics today.

For it would seem that without the Catholic Church’s vehement opposition, the RH Bill could have already been passed long time ago. But House voting on the bill would come on Tuesday, August 7, yet. Today, we see many reversals in the congressmen’s stand on the bill for the obvious reasons that voting for it might jeopardize their chances of winning in the 2013 elections, including those of the congressmen’s leaders, mayors and governors down the line.

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