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LOOK MA, NO TRUCKS! How nice and smooth the traffic flows without the buses, trucks and jeepneys plying the main streets of the city in the current traffic experiment. This is rush hour at 6pm along busy Real street yet how easy traffic is flowing. The solution therefore is to divert the routes of buses, trucks and jeepneys in the Larena drive area and soon from the diversion road.
  AUGUST 07, 2016 EDITION  

      Bus trucks, jeeps ban soon enforced    

DECONGESTING downtown The city government is embarking on a bold revamp of city traffic routes by banning big cargo trucks, buses, jeepneys and multicabs to ply the city’s main roads during the day, in order to east traffic congestion.

As part of the multi-pronged strategy to resolve the decades-old traffic mess, the city administration is inclined to impose an expanded ban on entry of all trucks and bus to the Central Business District (CBD) commonly known as downtown.

Already the traffic experiment is now going on in certain parts of the day.

Under the proposal presented by a team of academicians, all vehicles of more than four (4) wheels will not be permitted to enter the downtown area from 4:00AM to 9:00PM...




A friend of mine asked me: how grave and how serious really is our drug problem in the country ? I said, I don’t know but here is one local situation in Dumaguete which I have a first hand account: maybe with these multiplied a thousand times all over the country you will know whether our drug menace problem in the country is serious and grave or not.

Imagine this typical situation in an average household:

Both father and mother are working couples .They are off to work by 7:30am and so are their 4 teenage children who are also off to school by 7:45am. Nobody comes home for lunch to save on high tricycle fares back and fourth six times a day for six people, so the mother prepares baon for the both parents and give money for lunch for the children. They all eat outside. The home is empty until about 7pm.




The unabated killings of drug pushers and traffickers alike which has now reached over 800 killed nationwide, and within one month of the Duterte administration seems to be the “new normal” these days.

Soon, drug-killings will be relegated to the inside pages of broadsheets and tabloids even as the restoration of the death penalty, the re-passage of the divorce bill, and the revision of our Constitution are fast-emerging and urgent national issues.

Without batting an eyelash, all these are among the interests of the new Duterte administration. Is this the interest of 100 million Filipinos? According to Duterte, if it is, then let it proceed. If it is not in the interest of the Filipinos, then drop it, “stopit!”

But the super majority of Duterte in the House could easily outmatch an apparent independent Senate. And if under a Constitutional assembly (con-ass) with both houses voting as one, very easily the three fourths vote can achieve easy victory.



Jesus is our peace
who has broken the dividing walls of hostilities.


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