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  LP PRESIDENTIAL ANNOINTEE MAR ROXAS poses with one group of Negros Oriental Liberals during the political event for Mar’s sake in Gloria Maris in San Juan City. Gov Degamo at left is not a Liberal party member. In photo are (sitting from left-right) Jimalalud Mayor Hazel Billones, Ayungon Mayor Edsel Enardecido, former Board Member Bubot Adanza, Vallehermoso Joniper Villegas, Dauin Mayor Neil Credo and Basay Mayor Beda Cañamaque. Standing (left to right) Governor Degamo and wife Janice , PNoyanointee, MAR ROXAS , Board Member Liland Estacion, former Valencia Mayor Enrique Gonzalez and Board Member Erwin Macias. The other half of the Negros Oriental delegation is led by Vice-Governor Mark Macias and 2nd District Cong. George Arnaiz and BM Ikay Villanueva who were seated in another table.  
  AUGUST 09, 2015 EDITION  

      Macias: can Liberals accept a Degamo?    

Can the Liberals as a party accept the selfdesire of partyless Governor Roel Degamo to join the administration party because he eventually wants to become its standard bearer in the province instead of George Arnaiz?
Will the local LP hierarchy accommodate Degamo and his allies, some of whom might run against the original Liberals?

Nationally, Degamo might help get votes for Roxas. But up to what extent can a Degamo help the locals but himself? An LP mayor asked.

This fueled talks that Degamo will be joining the ruling party to serve as its gubernatorial bet in tandem with Vice-Governor Mark Macias, who is seeking re-election. But Macias said his bet for governor is George Arnaiz, not Degamo.

Lately, the Liberals are dead set in getting Rep. George Arnaiz as their official bet owing it to his coalition with Josy Limkaichong who is supposed to lead the LPs in the province. Degamo is Josy’s arch political enemy. How can Degamo join a party which does not welcome?

Degamo has been working closely with mayors who are LP Members such as Neil Credo of Dauin, Kit Marc Adanza of Zamboanguita, Felix Sy of Manjuyod, Hazel Billones of Jimalalud...



They were never known to be Liberals but since the LP is now the dominant political party, almost everybody wants to join the LP Mar Roxas bandwagon. But the Teves clan is not joining. They opt to support Jejomar Binay’s UNA party and its national treasurer is Gary Teves.

Very desirous not only to join the Liberals but wanting to be its provincial standard bearer is the governor who has lately been eagerly idolizing Mar Roxas , maybe because he wants to replace George Arnaiz as standard bearer? Arnaiz is also a non-LP but an NPC. Indeed, because the LP has hibernated for ages, it has lost its pillars. Let’s see if they will pick non-Liberals to run in the local election next year.


Talking about non-Liberals, Grace Poe is also a non-liberal and the LP is oozing to get her to run as vice president with Mar Roxas. We foresee that Poe will accept the offer before October is over. Otherwise, without any further ado, Poe will have more problems if she runs independently as president along with buddy Chiz.



It is still very possible that Senator Grace Poe will settle as vice president of Mar Roxas, which, if her words recently were to be the basis, she said, all she needs is as formal invitation from Roxas and not just hearsays from the media.

Grace Poe said in an interview that she has not received any formal invitation, and that what she heard is only from the media. This could mean that all she needs is an invitation.

In our own honest opinion, there is no question that Grace Poe is a winnable candidate considering her popularity because of her late father Fernando Poe Jr. whose defeat in the last presidential elections was allegedly caused by party betryals although this has not been confirmed.

But if grace poe has to reflect on her status as a very popular presidentiable, she must realize that she has no formal political party being an independent. Virtually all politicos involved in the 2016 elections are now affiliated with some political parties in one way or the other. If Poe is partyless just to show her independence, then she will be left in the cold because Filipino voting habits are to belong to at least a political party or bandwagon. If Poe has no party she will still woo the voters from other parties to voter for her and that makes her job doubly hard, plus she is definitely not prepared monetarily compared to the others. And Filipino voters sadly know how to gravitate to the candidate who has the money.

“We are the products
of our past but we don’t
have to be its prisoners”



Webster defines morality as the quality of that which conforms to right principles of human conduct. If we look closely around us in the world today, we can see the many signs of degrading lifestyles.

The family which was a solid foundation in society is threatened by many dangers like materialism, consumerism, divorce, immorality and infidelity. With the exception of a few, one can see that family life is becoming less of a model where true love and concern for one another prevails.

The youth on the other hand is confused, and in their search for their identity, are exposed to drug addiction, sexual experimentation, abortion, and vices. Society as a whole is in chaos and there is a need to redirect our lives in order to live a meaningful existence. It is on this premise that I would like to share on the importance of moral cleanliness.

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