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   AUGUST 11, 2013 EDITION
  Knocked down for the second time, first during the 6.9 magnitude earthquake in Negros Oriental, then just last week after another flash flood, the Martilo bridge in La Libertad suffered yet another devastation when flash floods washed away the detour bridge on Sunday, rendering the bridge unpassable to vehicles.
(Photo by Choy Gallarde)

Agents arrest Korean fugitive

One of Korea’s most wanted high profile fugitives was finally arrested Thursday August 8, in Dumaguete by Bureau of Immigration (BI) personnel in cooperation with the Dumaguete City Police headed by PSupt James Goforth and the intelligence unit led by PS/Insp Benedict Poblete.

As this developed, more arrests on foreign nationals were effected by the police. Another foreign national was also arrested by the same immigration personnel. A German national was issued a warrant of deportation for a murder case in his homeland. The german national has been identified as Leipski Joachim, who was arrested by immigration personnel in cooperation with the police in Dauin.

Immigration agent Armelo B. de Castro, head of the fugitives unit of the bureau of immigration based in Manila identified the Korean fugitive as Ha Hae Bong, also known as Michael Ha, 53 years old, married and residing in Boloc-boloc, Sibulan, Negros Oriental.



PCL polls bare pre-2016 NegOr political scenario

If one will look at how the 262 councilors of Negros Oriental voted, including the ABC sanggunian presidents, it would virtually reveal the microcosm of the entire political scenario of Negros Oriental.

For instance, the Liberals were a bit united by tapping their party supporters last May 13 and the SKabataan solid votes, therefore they won with 78 votes; had LP TonyRemollo joined the LP bandwagon, with his 12 votes, it could have made the LP votes hit 90.

On the other hand, the NPC votes of 96 were split into 59 votes for Dandan Leon and 37 votes for JV Imbo. NPC could have won the PCL polls if they were untied.

The NPC split votes indicated 59 for Dan Leon was virtually the Teves block while the 37 Imbo votes were the Arnaiz block. If united, the NPC could have mustered a 96 majority. So, divided they fell.

The 59 votes for Sal Erames were the Degamo group informally called PDP laban. It was a solid vote, mostly from ABC barangay presidents of the towns, headed by BM/ABC ex-officio Arnie Teves.



The magnitude of corruption in the government as a whole is so huge, and what is being exposed now among others like the P10-billion congressional pork barrel scam is just the tip of the iceberg.

While we praise the Aquino administration for initiating such investigation of yet another massive plunder of our national wealth, what is coming out furthermore, are the corruption within the Aquino administration itself.

But of course, it is only a natural reaction. The opposite camps will be exposing each other. PNOY is not exempted from transparency issue because this is his baby. By next year he has P2.5-billion in presidential pork called the Presidential Social Fund (PSF). This money comes from Pagcor’s P170-milion a month contribution to the PSF.


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