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Agriculture Sec Emmanuel Piñol spent the whole day Tuesday talking with netizens and civil society explaining the new directions of agriculture in the country with the central theme of stopping corruption in all levels. He also distributed farm machineries to municipalities.
  AUGUST 14, 2016 EDITION  

      Stop corruption in agriculture    

Agriculture Sec. Emmanuel Piñol has called on thousands of officers and personnel of the agriculture department to stop corruption in all levels because this has pulled down the overall performance of this department which is supposed to serve the baseline of the Philippine economy.

Despite its being agriculture- based, the country has lagged behind in agriculture because most people in the department are pushing different kinds of buttons although with good intentions, they lack coordination and consistency, and most of all integrity.

Earlier, Pinol was guest at the State of the Nature conference at Silliman University. He also distributed millions...




The presidency is an office, not a person. Therefore, one who occupies such position is expected to behave and act in what is expected of that position.

Our president is fast learning the ball game, but apparently he is still a little slow since from mayor for two decades, and suddenly to president the pace is planets apart. There are no miracles here.

He is just testing unfamiliar waters. He uses reverse psychology.

But let the people assure this man Digong that he has so far the support of the people.——until it hurts. We pity his apologists whom we are sure are having a hard time defending their boss too.

I can just imagine the grip mr D makes on his people.



The forthcoming burial of the body of the late president Marcos in the libingan ng mga bayani and the spate of 600 extrajudicial killings nationwide in the wake of the antidrug campaign circle around the paradoxical views on the rule of law.

One hand, oppositors to the Marcos burial say that the late dictator was top violator of the rule of law under martial rule while those supporting the burial at the tomb of heroes say that for thirty years the entire Marcos estate was under litigation and claimants have only been partially successful even under the rule of law.

In short, the cry for justice from the Marcoses has always been subjected to the rule of law yet no one was convicted not even the mastermind in the murder of Ninoy Aquino. So what kind of justice or the rule of law was applied on these cases?

In another vein, the lady chief justice call for issuance of prior warrants of arrests on drug users and pushers came of the fore when president Duterte lashed at the lady chief justice saying that the very justice system delays the issuance of warrants while the war on drugs cannot be delayed any longer. Duterte told the lady chief justice that if there were human and civil rights violations in his anti drug campaign style, the courts of law are the places to turn to, but so far no lower court has filed a single case against it.



Maturity is keeping
on, even when the going gets rough.


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