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  The bio ethanol plant in Tamisu, Bais city of the Universal Robina Corp is temporarily suspended by the DENR pending compliance with all environmental requirements, specially those defects that caused the massive fishkill in its surrounding areas in Bais and Manjuyod waters.  
  AUGUST 16, 2015 EDITION  

      Arnaiz bags P227M in tourism roads    

Second district Congressman George Arnaiz has made a big mark in the progressive strides not only in his district but that of the entire province by causing the allocation and release of P227Million for the development of road networks leading to various tourism destinations in Negros Oriental.

Even with the abolition of the Priority Development Assistance Fund, Arnaiz managed to secure some P 227 million worth of projects because no tourism site can be developed without first making sure that its road networks are in place so that visitors can appreciate the tourist sites.

Tourism is a multibillion industry. Its clientele are countless around the world. People are spending dollars just to enjoy two or five days in a good place. Dumaguete and Negros Oriental have far better tourism sites in the Visayas so long as these are fully developed. We are still on the road to development following Bohol and Cebu.

The road concreting projects have been included in the 2015 annual budget by the Department of Tourism and are currently implemented by...



Like it or not, the campaign fever is on without saying “vote for me or him or her.” But the exposure campaign is still on the presidentiable. Only Roxas and Binay have confirmed their intent to run for president.

Their image for Mar is “clean and credible;” while Binay’s image made by people is “dark , and reliable plus durable.”

Binay leads Mar in the last suvey. Let us see how it will be after PNoy’s anointment of Mar. That is a result worth waiting for.

Lest I be misunderstood, it was Binay who visited our radio station DYEM BAI RADIO and we talked on air for one solid hour on CROSS TALK at noon . It was here where he said “ I do not lie about my age. I am 72— —just in time for the presidency.”

But still, Grace Poe continues to be the top contender for the LP’s VP bet. But of course there is Leni Robredo, who, like Poe, is riding on her hubby’s (the late Jesse Robredo) popularity. Both have no presidential track record.

Poe has all the pluses and graces if she runs in tandem with Mar and she knows that, if not for her friend Chiz, who is a last termer and nowhere to go except up like a VP. Chiz can be a little president if he settles for executive secretary for a sure win of Roxas and Poe tandem.



The sometimes sensitive working relations between the media and the men in uniform, was elevated to a higher plain as the provincial police office headed by PSSupt Dionardo Carlos initiated a three-day workshop seminar among chiefs of police and working journalists in the city.

Carlos specifically invited, as participants, the media frontliners and news handlers of different media outlets in the city so that they can , even for just a day or two, sit down , discuss and work out a harmonious working environment between police and media.

Of course never has there been a major conflict nor rift in our working relationship with the men in uniform because primarily, the commanders of the PNP have always been well-educated and trained so much so that if there is any conflict at all, it could not escalate into a full-blown controversy.

Sensitive areas like details of police operations, movement of personnel, inventory of weapons, capability of quick response, and strategic planning, are confidential in nature so much so that media understand that to disclose these items would jeopardize operations to the detriment of the general public.

“Jesus, feed us
by your Word, that we
may feed the needs of
a troubled world.”



Webster defines morality as the quality of that which conforms to right principles of human conduct. If we look closely around us in the world today, we can see the many signs of degrading lifestyles.

The family which was a solid foundation in society is threatened by many dangers like materialism, consumerism, divorce, immorality and infidelity. With the exception of a few, one can see that family life is becoming less of a model where true love and concern for one another prevails.

The youth on the other hand is confused, and in their search for their identity, are exposed to drug addiction, sexual experimentation, abortion, and vices. Society as a whole is in chaos and there is a need to redirect our lives in order to live a meaningful existence. It is on this premise that I would like to share on the importance of moral cleanliness.

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