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   AUGUST 17, 2014 EDITION
  P300M rural development project. Sen. Bongbong Marcos receives the P300Million rural development proposal from Gov. Degamo last Thursday during his meeting with regional barangay council offcials of Central Visayas. Marcos is chair of the finance and local government committee in the Senate.  

Gov. liquidates P10M intel funds

Gov Roel Degamo has submitted to the Commission on Audit Central Office his liquidation report (of how he spent) the un-appropriated intelligence fund of P10Million for 2013 and is still awaiting the final verdict of COA on the controversial release of such fund.

This was contained in the voluminous “Annual Audit Report” of Negros Oriental for 2013 by the COA of which the CHRONICLE obtained a copy.

Why did capitol release P10Milliion for the governor's intelligence fund when there was no appropriation of such in the provincial budget? This is the constant question raised by the audit commission.

The release of P10 –Million for such purpose was declared by COA as illegal disbursement because the provincial board did not make such an appropriation in the budget.

Instead, the Sanggunian appropriated the P10M for “gender and development” but still under the office of the governor.

The provincial treasurer, the budget officer, and the provincial accountant issued written objections to its release (on page 44) because it had no appropriation for intelligence fund.

On the other hand, despite what the COA described as illegal disbursement ( page 43), it has not issued any disallowance notice because the local COA said, it is still waiting for the result of the appeal of the governor to the national COA about this matter. And Gov Degamo has already submitted his liquidation report to the national COA to whom he is only accountable on matters of confidential intelligence funds.

“The final audit action on intelligence and confidential funds is vested in the intelligence and confidential funds audit unit which is under the COA national chairman in Quezon city.”




When a person like the president of the Philippines has almost the feeling of absolute power, he will always succumb to the temptation that he can even tinker with the constitution to make himself available for a second term even if it is expressly prohibited by the same charter.

Why, he has the support of Congress in both houses. What with those billions given to them in PDAF and DAP during the last five years! If nobody will dare impeach him in the Lower House, then all of them will vote for charter change just to accommodate his extension in office! DAP was a masterstroke!

With the full backing of Congress, the legislature can even convene as a constituent body and voting separately can institute amendments to our Constitution. Who will block this strategy? With the proverbial sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of the pork barrel beneficiaries!

Imagine, change the charter because the president wants to run again for a second term. These were the same temptations offered by the minions of past presidents, because a second term for their president would mean another six years of living in cloud 9.

Yes Virginia, the president, yes, Noynoy Aquino the unwilling candidate for the presidency and all because of his mother, is now saying that he wants another six years in office, and if possible, change the constitution to make himself available. He made this announcement in a channel news5 interview in Manila. But hey, it's still possible he is just trying to get the pulse of the people since his rating popularity has gone down so deep. Is he still acceptable to the people? He just wants to know. He doesn't really want to run again.

Well, it must not be lonely up there after all for this bachelor. At this time when his ratings are going down, he suddenly announces that he thinks he wants another crack at the presidency in 2016.



It is still our honest belief that deep inside him, the president does not really want another six years in office because he has already given his all, and beyond that, he might be tempted to become a corrupt president.

Now that Pnoy is clean, or at least is perceived to be clean, he better cut clean before he smears his anti corruption legacy. Lets face it, Pnoy cannot clean up the government completely in his lifetime, no matter how long he stays in office. The corrupt system is the one that needs to be cleaned up. People will just follow a good leader and will replace a bad one.

So if the one who comes after Pnoy, whoever he will be is corrupt then no amount of clean up by Pnoy will last because the corrupt system will take over again. It is really now up to the people. We cannot always be told what to do. It's about time we know how to rule ourselves.

Finally, we honestly believe Pnoy is not interested deep inside him to serve another term because he is exhausted. He was not prepared for this job. He is burned out. And he is smoking. It is only the people around him who are living in “cloud 9”.

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