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   AUGUST 18, 2013 EDITION
  When women rule the world. Funny but one woman (Janet Napoles, right) is accused of hoodwinking erstwhile 28 older and wiser legislators of some P10-billion from their pork barrels while the supposedly righteous one (COA chief Grace Pulido) seems to be amused with great disbelief on what Napoles claims.  

RD calls CoA act political vendetta

Gov. Roel Degamo has described the “rebuke” of the Commission on Audit about his decision of helping typhoon-ravaged, and earthquake-hit lands of Negros Oriental , as “political harassment” and a vain effort to stop his victory in the May 2013 elections.
Degamo supporters said this current effort to discredit the governor apparently for his political victory is “ plain political vendetta,” and does not speak well among the people who gave him a resounding mandate.

On the other hand, some political observers say that this current effort to “go after “ Degamo is simply an arm-twisting effort for him to join the Liberal Party and switch his support for the administration ticket in the next Presidential elections in 2016.

In a statement reacting to the order by the DBM undersecretary to return P480Million which was released as half of the approved SARO (special allotment release order) of P955Million, Gov Degamo said.



Careful guys, you just might fall into a trap

Until now, super wise girl Janet Lim-Napoles continues to be projected by media as a super rich girl who may have gotten her wealth somewhere else.

Careful guys, you seem to be isolating Napoles from the real culprits. She is just the bag keeper, the OWNERS of what’s inside the bag is the most important. You just might fall into a trap.

Focus-focus. Not hocus-focus.

Like the Maguindanao massacre which has not taken off after 3 years, this P10-billiion pork barrel scam might even stretch longer if the probers do not have the political will. Right now the PR firms are raking it big time again!

The PEOPLE instead, have more of the political will to hang these human vultures. Over the internet, there is this one-million-people indignatioin rally at the Luneta on Aug. 26 to denounce this master plunder issue, much graver than the Marcos version. Of course, from whom else will these guys learn the trade!
“By their fruits you will know them.”

If this Luneta PEOPLE POWER will catches fire, will Dumaguete also have its version? Let’s feel the pulse. But definitely people here too, are angry, very angry.

Buy mind you, it’s in the midst of the Silliman founders day merriment. Let’s see.



There is a nationwide call for people to join this MILLION PEOPLE MARCH to the Luneta on August 26 to denounce this wholesale plunder of the economic fiber of the nation by certain senators and congressmen who espouse good governance yet lead in its wholesale breach.

This MILLION PEOPLE’S MARCH coincides with the celebration of Araw ng mga Bayani, or the day of heroes. What is a more fitting occasion to denounce this P10-billion scam of all scams led no less by unscrupulous legislators who espouse this red badge of honor as if most of them are not human vultures in disguise.

All over the internet, the call is reverberating, that instead of paying homage to heroes, the poor taxpayers today who bleed paying full taxes from their wages should be considered the real heroes. Their outrage and anger are now reaching the critical mass in apparent helplessness because our policy makers are plotting the nation’s course at their whims and caprices.
When we drove the dictator away three decades ago, we thought it was an exercise in futility, and yet, the people did it, and without bloodshed! What makes it difficult if people do the same thing against these legislative mafias.

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