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   AUGUST 19, 2012 EDITION
  Freedom to smoke. Pres. Noy Aquino needs to smoke, so he usually excuses himself in public functions, goes incognito, and puffs a cigarette. Let us respect his right, his need and freedom to smoke.  


Philipine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Lotto operators in Dumaguete City have made good their promise to sue the City Government hierarchy for stopping them from operating despite the imprimatur of a national law and legitimate agents of the PCSO.

Twelve Lotto operators, whose operations were ordered padlocked by the city mayor, are now attacking the legality of Provincial Ordinance No. 4, series of 1996, which regulates the operation of Lotto outlets in Negros Oriental.




The Freedom of Information Act long promised by the Constitution, to this day, remains just a promise. And from the 12th to the present 15th Congress, despite the dozens of bills filed and refiled, it seems like we always return to square one, marching but only in place, on the FOI Act.

It is now 2012, or over 26 years after EDSA. Filipinos today are the most exuberant in their exercise of the freedoms of speech, of the press, and of peaceable assembly for redress of just grievances. But one other inalienable freedom that the Constitution also guarantees — Freedom of Information — remains just a bill perpetually stuck in the legislative wringer over the last 14 years, hobbled by the discombobulating “concerns” of the executive, and mocked by restrictive administrative fiats of the judiciary, the House of Representatives, and even the Office of the Ombudsman.




Despite its tarnished image of the police in the past, starting the advent of Martial Law, the civilian police, now called the Philippine National Police, has shown signs of improving their im age from a Marcos berdugo to genuine servants of the people.

Here in Negros Oriental, although police abuses were not prevalent, we also have had our fair share of unsolved extra judicial killings, which the police were not or did not bother to solve.

But today, thanks too to a vigilant civil society and media, the police, in general, have shown signs of improvement, and in fact, showed some concrete results.

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