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"Thank you, boys. May the Force be with you". Gov Degamo sends off the whole battalion of the 11th Army Infantry who left Camp Leon Kilat Tanjay for Basilan and Sulu with the mission of hunting down the remaining lairs of Abu Sayaff bandits who claim to be starting links with ISIS. They were given stampitas and rosaries, not medals (yet).
  AUGUST 21, 2016 EDITION  

      Mayor, dads lead in drug testing    

The city mayor of Dumaguete is leading all officials elected and appointed, to undergo voluntary and random drug tests if only to entice the rank and file to do likewise.

This came close to the heels of a massive antiillegal drug campaign and in the wake of over 700 surenderees of self-confessed drug users and pushers in Dumaguete during the last two months.

City Mayor Antonio Felipe Remollo believes that the city officials must take the lead to claim moral ascendancy in preaching against the use of illegal drugs. Nevertheless, she urged the administration to proceed with caution in the manner of conducting the tests to ensure that the constitutional rights of the individuals against self-incrimination, right to due process and right against illegal searches and seizures are upheld.

Incredibly as of August 12, Dumaguete only yielded 622 users and 58 pushers...




The entire cadet corps of the Philippine Military Academy will uphold and follow the old rules of engagement in the wake of the current upheavals of summary executions and killings in the fight against illegal drug trafficking.

Two senior and graduating cadets of the PMA the premier military academy in the country, who hail from Negros Oriental told the CHRONICLE that while it is the judgement call of all law enforcers to determine whose life is in danger in pursuit of a mission order, the primary concern is to spare civilian collateral damage, and to preserve the law enforcers life if threatened by an armed and dangerous suspect.

The two graduating PMA cadets are 2Lt Mc Cataylo and 2Lt John Silva of class 2016. The hail from Siaton and La Libertad respectively. They admitted that when left alone in a mission, nobody is a witness whether the rules of engagement is followed,. It is now up to the deep conscience of the law enforcers who pulls the trigger ahead of the suspect has shown signs of resistance.



Why is the Marcos burial creating so much controversy?

What can a dead and his body do to solve the problems of the nation? Will burying or not burying the Marcos body solve or even, make any difference at all, as to the cases of the torture victims, ill gotten wealth, summary killings, salvagings and corruption ? No it will not. Therefore, burying this human carcass beautifully crafted in wax, will not make or unmake the state of things in this part of the world.

Worse, if the protestors were given their way, it will create a bad precedence. If Marcos body is not buried at the LMB then how much more those with similar or worse records, in the future, when their time will come?

So, Duterte will never allow protestors of the Marcos burial to have their way because future leaders’ own burials when the time comes, will again be put in jeopardy, including the burials of future controversial leaders.



Persevere in hardships, and righeous discipline then peace will come. (Heb 12:4)


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