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   AUGUST 24, 2014 EDITION
  Pres. Aquino confers the title of National Scientist to Fulbrighter Dr Angel Alcala for his contribution to marine ecology welfare.  

P64M PDAF here not yet returned

The Commission on Audit here has tagged the provincial government as not having returned to the National Treasury over P47.3-Million in various unused PDAF funds (Priority Development Assistance Fund) apparently released by our legislators, in the aggregate amount of over P47.3-milliion even as the Supreme Court has already ruled about PDAF’s unconstitutionality.

The exact amount of P47,303,140.02 were apparently unused PDAF releases which were facilitated by any of our three congressmen. It was not immediately known whether the funds are still intact, or already spent. It was not also revealed in the COA report what were the projects that were intended to be funded by these money. Nor was it stated whether the projects were finished or not.

In the interest of transparency, the people would like to know which projects were funded by the what PDAF funds whose cost was left with P47.3M in unused funds.

In the COA 2013 audit report of Negros Oriental, it said:

That as of the end of 2013, the said unused PDAF from various NegOr congressmen were not returned by the provincial government to the national treasury for reversion to the unappropriated surplus of the general fund as ordered by the Supreme Court which body ruled about PDAF’s illegality.




This business of elelcted politicians in providing jobs for the jobless is good humanitarian
act, but it is unfair to the bigger bulk of the general taxpayers whose money is being used to pay useless undertakings.

In the first place, the governor, or mayors for that matter are not employment officers, they are heads of local governments. Employment is the job of the human resource officer, who recommends only those qualified for approval.

Trouble is: there are many governors in the country who play the roles of employment officer, so that he can personally pay back people who voted and will vote for him in the next election, that’s all. He is short-changing the bigger mass of people who expect the man to be a statesman, and executor of laws and policies. But if they don’t know how, that is the problem. They should go to school at the SU school of public affairs and governance, or , take up masters in public administration.

It is not wrong for the provincial board to ask for the complete list of job orders who want to be paid. The SP like Congress holds the purse. No job order should be taken until all plantilla is filled up. Trouble now is the reverse. Fill up the job orders, never mind the plantilla which has the budget, then, ask for a supplemental budget to pay the job order.

This practice is as good as the PDAF or DAP even worse because they do it all the time. What LGU was that which consumed P7M for Jan to June to pay job orders, and then is asking the SP for another P8M, in August, to do the same for the second half of the year?. Which job orders are collecting salary under three payrolls.? Which LGU head is hiring media barkers and paying them with taxpayers’ money as job orders? Are they filling up the daily time records? What is their specific job description?



We don’t really know if the provincial government is the only LGU that has not returned millions of unused PDAF unused releases to the national treasury as mandated by the Supreme Court.

But our instincts show that it might be worth digging what were the projects behind the “left over” worth P64-million now with the provincial coffers. Is it still there? or not anymore? COA is asking and searching.

Is it not strange that P64-million is left un-used and left inside our provincial treasury, when such funds came from whoever congressman released that for this province for a specific project? Seldom do undeserved graces remain un-consumed.
Of course we suppose it came from our legislators. So why is capitol not returning the same to the national treasury when the Supreme Court has ordered for its return and has already declared it to be an illegal fund?

This is not small money, we hope the amount is still intact in the capitol coffers. Because the usual Filipino tradition is to spend it all, and let the COA collect later. Notice the millions in unliquidated (Spent) funds?

Very surprising too is the fact that in the PDAF report the pages where details were written were missing, at least in our copy. It could not have been removed from the books on purpose?

The general Public who technically own the money, deserves to be informed about what were the projects funded by the remaining P64-Million.

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