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   AUGUST 25, 2013 EDITION
  ROBBERY LOOT and stolen items from the Agencia Belen pawnshop are being segregated by police hot pursuit team. The recovered rematado jewelry also included guns and ammo, including 45s, 38s and M16 assault rifles which were already chamber loaded which means that they were ready to fire. Thank God, no bullet was fired during yesterday’s broad daylight heist. (by Choy Gallarde)  

Day Robbery! Foiled by Police;
1 suspect nabbed; 7 flee

An alert police plainclothes officer; a brave child witness; a citizens tipster; they were the elements who led a quick response by the city police in foiling the escape of a consummated broad daylight 9am robbery yesterday at Agencia Belen pawnshop along busy Perdices-Sta Rosa Sts.

Carted away but recovered in two hours were assorted pieces of (rematado) jewelry, no cash, indicating the robbers lacked accurate casing and were robbing at random not knowing that all hot items and cash were safely stocked away the day before.

The robbery syndicate from Mindanao was busted in Dumaguete following a broad daylight robbery hold up of the Agencia Belen pawnshop, due to the quick response team of the Police in Dumaguete headed by PSupt James Goforth and coordination with neighboring police units led by Sibulan police chief PInsp Rodrigo Tubog under the supervision of OIC PNP provincial director PSupt Alet Virtucio and the SWAT.



What’s a pork barrel? and this “power of the purse”

It has always been the mis-conception of many that the pork barrel known as the PDAF of congress people are money allocations given to congressmen and senators for their unlimited disposition without any constraint or accountability.

Where did the word “pork barrel” come from?
Waiipedia reports that “pork barrel” is a container of storing pig meat in brine; this pork barrel is quite an American culture in its early days. The advent of refrigeration has made the pork barrel obsolete. Now it is referred to political bills that bring home the bacon to the legislator’s district and constituents.”

Two often out spoken solons Prospero Nogales and Edcel Lagman explained the misconception saying that “no congressman or senator handle the funds nor implement the projects. Their authority is limited to the identification of the projects, and designation of beneficiaries, subject to a specific menu. Implementation is undertaken by the appropriate government agency after an open public bidding.” How well then is this being implemented?



The Filipino netizens’ anger over the billions of pesos plundered by most legislators, which they took from taxpayers money has not only angered the nation, but also has ignited the fire to call for the scrapping of the pork barrel in all its forms from top to bottom because it is the mother of all grafts.

Frankly it would now seem that the motive behind many legislators’ spending millions of pesos just to get elected to Congress is to be able to make money out of the pork barrel which until today has been handled with too much laxity by our government. Yes, there are exceptions.

That is why legislators concerned are having a hey day raking in billions of pesos, year end and year out, even exceeding their P200/P70 million ceiling a year for the coveted pork.

Tomorrow, Monday, August 26, Dumaguete City joins the nationwide protest in calling for the abolition of the Priority Development Assistance Fund or the pork barrel starting in the congress and down to the last councilor who, in some areas, might have been allotted smaller degrees of pork barrels.

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