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  AUGUST 28, 2016 EDITION  

      Silliman at 115 taps solar power    

The 115th year of Silliman University now marking its anniversary week is highlighted among others, with the switch to renewable form of energy by going solar power. Phase I has just been switched-on this week.

However, electric power from the old NORECO 2 will still service most of the university power needs even as SU has its own generating plant in cases of emergency.

The first 60 kilowatts of solar power is now generating energy for Silliman University (SU), specifically to supply the Luce Auditorium after the simple switch on ceremony Tuesday morning, as one of the features of its 115th Founders Day anniversary August 21 -28.

Once completed this year another 150-kilowatt solar power panels, will mean saving 500,000 kilograms of coal usage for the year, 30,000 trees to absorb what could be its carbon...




The entire cadet corps of the Philippine Military Academy will uphold and follow the old rules of engagement in the wake of the current upheavals of summary executions and killings in the fight against illegal drug trafficking.

Two senior and graduating cadets of the PMA the premier military academy in the country, who hail from Negros Oriental told the CHRONICLE that while it is the judgement call of all law enforcers to determine whose life is in danger in pursuit of a mission order, the primary concern is to spare civilian collateral damage, and to preserve the law enforcers life if threatened by an armed and dangerous suspect.

The two graduating PMA cadets are 2Lt Mc Cataylo and 2Lt John Silva of class 2016. The hail from Siaton and La Libertad respectively. They admitted that when left alone in a mission, nobody is a witness whether the rules of engagement is followed,. It is now up to the deep conscience of the law enforcers who pulls the trigger ahead of the suspect has shown signs of resistance.



The colorful tradition of PARADA Sillimaniana throughout the city streets yesterday capped the 115th Founders Week celebration of Silliman University marking another milestone of excellence in Christian education in Asia.

In this connection, we would like to summarize what Silliman stands for today. It has influenced the life of this community, Dumaguete and Silliman indeed cannot exist without the other. This is a community celebration.

Dr. Ben Malayang, president, is our special feature on this issue. We thank him for a superb administration , not perfect, but among the best administrations we have witnessed through the years, peaceful, joyous, harmonious, and a bit creative. For this we doff our hats to Big Ben.

Here now is his Statement on this occasion.



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