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  FOR LACK OF SOLID LEADERSHP, the Liberals have no candidate for governor, that is why NPC (George Arnaiz, and Manuel Sagarbarria) and PDP LABAN bets(Roel Degamo) want to run under, but not join the administration party. LR Rep George Arnaiz, Mayor Sagarbarria, Atty. Felipe Remollo and Gov. Degamo. ON CROSSTALK over DYEM FM Bai Radio  
  AUGUST 30, 2015 EDITION  

      Can Mar solve gov bets split?    

Only presidential anointee of the Liberal Party, Mar Roxas, can solve the looming, if not apparent, split in the Liberal Party in Negros Oriental.

But the good news is, both LP factions are supporting Roxas for President, thus, the most solomonic solution will be to make Negros Oriental a free zone because it will benefit the LP presidential timber.

The apparent rift is in the party leadership in the province, namely, with former city mayor Atty. Felipe “Ipe” Remollo and Josy Limkaichong , former gubernatorial bet.

One one hand, Remollo claims to have close connections with big wig Liberals being his Ateneo law school mates in the likes of Butch Abad, Exec. Sec Paquito Ochoa , Blue Ribbon Chair TG Guingona, among others, who form the close cordon of President PNoy Aquino.

On the other hand, Limkaichong remains a close ally of Roxas starting with patriarch Julio Sy who belong to the sugar bloc and with Roxas often to have acknowledged her as the LP head of the province since the past elections...



Both 2016 gubernatorial bets George Arnaiz (NPC) and Roel Degamo (PDP Laban), are gravitating toward supporting Mar Roxas(LP), thus, declaring Negros Oriental as a “free political zone” is a strong possibility.

This is because presidential anointee, SILG Mar Roxas cannot afford to jeopardize potential votes for him from Negros Oriental, thus, he will also support Arnaiz and Degamo, at least personally. There are no more solid-party people these days. Each one is out to save his own political neck.

Their handlers, Josy Limkaichong ( for Arnaiz), is a personal choice of Roxas to head the LP in Neg Or; but Atty. Felipe Remollo, ex-city mayor,( for Degamo) is confident about his connections with PNoy’s inner circles , many of whom are his former Ateneo law classmates like: Abad, Ochoa, Guingona, Araneta, Nelson, Cuna, Guevarra among other brods and sis in the law circles in Manila, where he holds a lucrative law practice. (so why does he still want to be mayor again?)

Degamo won in Dumaguete in 2013, thus, Remollo is banking on a Degamo support if he decides to run for city hall again. He doesn’t mind if his cousin, Tony Rems, will run for mayor since it will now be dot-system in voting.



The issue of the right to bail which covers all persons, and which is part of the bill of rights under our Constitution, continues to be the topic of discussion among legal circles in coffee shops in Dumaguete, in the wake of the release of senator Enrile who availed of this right to bail——even if the crime of plunder is a nonbailable offense.

In the first place, the right to bail may be availed of before conviction under the principle that everyone charged with a crime is presumed to be innocent until proven otherwise.

Under the constitution, the right to bail is under article 3 section 13 of the Bill of Rights. It is the right of every accused to avail of the right to bail before conviction.

The constitution provides: “all persons, except those charged with offenses punishable by life imprisonment when the evidence of guilt is strong, shall, before conviction, be bailable, etc...”

This means that so long as the accused is not yet convicted , he or she can avail of the right to bail, even if it is a nonbailable offense, and the evidence of guilt is not strong enough to merit continued detention.

“The door of
repentance opens to
the halls of joy and


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