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   AUGUST 31, 2014 EDITION
  Former Pres.Ramos seems to study the body language of Gov Roel Degamo who remains partyless until today. Ex-Mayor Felipe Remollo brokering for Degamo also got no commitment. Everything is still politically fluid for 2016. Binay could yet get a stronger opponent. PNoy might wrongly change his mind.  

20+ shootings on street drugs

Some may not have been fatally shot, but the police reported twenty (20) or more shootings from January to August this year 2014 which are drug-related and are now under investigation.

Crime statistics in Dumaguete is dominated by illegal drug trafficking and if not nipped in the bud, this university town will in no time be a center of drug peddling especially among the students and young professionals.

There is virtually unlimited entry along our long shoreline unless there are vigilant village watchmen volunteers. The hope is only for each town's bantay dagat to engage a good radio networking with the police in aborting and apprehending suspects in these landing areas. The fisherfolks (unless bribed) will tell where the drug landings are, excluding those being monitored by bantay dagat.

The police report did not mention how many of these persons were killed by still unidentified killers (again) as the wearing of bonnets and helmets hamper quick identification of suspects by witnesses.

This was the mid-year assessment of Col James Goforth, city chief of police, who gave further proof that in the public attorney's office, 90% of the cases are drugrelated.

This means, pauper litigants who abound on drugrelated cases could not afford the services of a lawyer, thus are being defended by public attorneys.

But most definitely, Goforth said, wittingly or unwittingly, “we are getting them down as more will fall if they resist legal arrests by the police.”




Forecasting at least five years of financial drawbacks due to changes in government education curriculum and policies starting with the K-12, Silliman University is anticipating the future by embarking on another multi million peso prime lot edifice called the Portal East a 4- storey commercial building fronting the Portal West along the Gate of Opportunity main entrance of Silliman University on main street Perdices.

The time capsule was laid down in simple rites Wednesday, August 27 and construction of the estimated P60-million commercial building will be done before the year is over.

Already, even before it has started construction, one big commercial bank has already signified and even finalized its bid to lease the first and second floors of the still to be constructed Portal East building of Silliman.

This was confirmed by Silliman pres Dr Ben Malayang on the university's 113rd founders day anniversary which climaxed with the traditional Tipon alumni banquet on Thursday.

Dubbed by Malayang as the “perfect storm” in the few years to come and to last about five years, Silliman anticipates drastic financial movements which could be caused by an emerging Asean economy, the conflicts in the South China Sea, and even developments in the Middle East.



First, it was a time to accuse, now there is fearfully coming a time to acquit or to dismiss, and very hardly to convict, because the evidence is weak.

As we have already mentioned if not cautioned in the past, the unprecedented expose of whole scale corruption in government in the billions, not in the millions of pesos, may not end up mostly in conviction but in possible dismissals and acquittals because among others, the prosecution could not present enough evidence beyond reasonable doubt.

The Sandiganbayan was quick to correct a first announcement that the P723-million infamous fertilizer scam, is not dismissed but the graft court is giving the prosecution or the Ombudsman for that matter, 60 more days to submit more convincing evidence to support their case against JokJok Bolante et al, where alleged farm projects and implements worth P723-million pesos did not reach the farmers mostly, and during the election season.

In our localities, our judges only know how strong or how weak are the prosecutorial arm of justice. But not all, some are strong, —not weak.

Today we have three celebrated cases of plunder, already lodged in the graft court, the unprecedented indictment of three very popular voter rich senators. But few days ago, the sandiganbayan found out from a whistle blower that the latter did not personally see kickbacks handed to the senator. In short, the accusation has started to weaken. This is not to mention that those involved in this legal battle of the bulge are veteran and tested lawyers.

The Ampatuan massacre of 53 journalists and civilians which is still in the arraignment stage is rocked with reports of prosecutorial bribery.

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