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  Congressional committee on national defense will shortly hold its third hearing in probing the P480-M out of the P960M calamity fund for Negros Oriental which was issued a negative SARO but was bidded and expended just the same.  

Congress probes P480-M (-) SARO

The congressional committee on national defense will shortly hold its third hearing on the controversial negative SARO of the P480-Million calamity fund for Negros Oriental issued by the President thru the Dept of Budget and Management (DBM).

This was confirmed by Rep Pryde Henry Teves who initiated such investigation following his privilege speech in the Lower House about this issue recently.

Immediately the House committee on national defense headed by Muntinlupa Rep Rodulfo Biazon which held already two marathon investigations, questioned capitol officials led by provincial treasurer Danilo Mendez and other accounting officials of Negros Oriental.

Politics wise, Rep Biazon is the vice president of the Liberal Party for the national capital region. The main official being probed is Gov. Roel Degamo.

As you know, Congress wants to know why Gov. Degamo refused to return P480Million despite the negative SARO re-issued by the DBM. The request to return the funds was done in a letter from Asst. Sec. Mario Relampagos.



Is Pacman a tax-evader?
His camp is the Philippines

Is the Pacman, Manny Pacquiao, a tax evader that the BIR (not the government) is treating him like one? Is this BIR making special treatments to other VIPs while harassing this boxing cinderello who made it from rags to riches? Who (else) is orchestrating the BIR?

Let it be known to one and all that Pacman is not an ordinary Filipino. An icon is not ordinary. An Icon is more important than a VIP rich politician businessmanshit. This Pacman has made Filipinos look good the world over, if only to augment the bad, bad image our corrupt leaders have dragged all of us down to international embarrassments many, many countless times. Pacman who assuaged this bad image quite a bit should also be given some reciprocity and respect.

Pacman’s camp is the whole Philippines. He is a symbol of a poor man who made it super rich through his own sweat and blood and nobody else. That is why he is the inspiration of Filipinos here and abroad.

The more he touched our hearts when he said “you want all my money? I will give it all to you.” Short of saying that it’s not about money. It’s about a calling, a God-given talent, a mission if one wants to call it. This poor-rich man has a mission and it is to make us Filipinos cushion our deep-mud embarrassment as a corrupt nation because of our leaders who steal our money in broad daylight like the PDAF and maybe the DAP.



For the first time in congressional history, Cong George Arnaiz tells us that at no time has any LGU defied the order of the DBM to return an approved SARO because it had administrative lapses, except the Negros Oriental’s case of P480Million calamity fund.

So the House committee on national defense is conducting a House investigation. National defense because calamity funds are under civil defense, which is under the national defense committee.

What is the outcome of this investigation? The outcome is for the Congress to change the rules, and the landscape of releasing calamity funds, and seal the leaks for possible corrupt practices, and clean up the mess in calamity fund releases.

Liabilities? Let the COA file the necessary case of plunder or corruption before the Ombudsman if it finds there is probable cause, which is also to be confirmed by the Obmudsman herself.

As Cong Pryde Teves tells us, they are out to change the rules for the better. The committee wants to know who ordered DBM ASec Relamapagos to recall the SARO and who approved and ordered its release since Pres. PNoy was out of the country on date of DBM approval says Pryde Henry. Gov. Roel Degamo is just a pawn in the chessboard of corruption. He should not be treated like a scapegoat or a sacrificial lamb. He did what he had to do. Just be sure he did it well and honestly.

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