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Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria and Congressman George Arnaiz pose infront of the Silliman University Band before the start of the 64th Charter Day Parade held Saturday afternoon.

Terminal MOA loosens PUV grip

Dumaguete City transport terminal stakeholders confirmed before the City Council in session that the jeepney operators and drivers association have already loosened the grip of their Memo Agreement even long before Wednesday’s session in the interest of public welfare.

But this revelation was made only after so much public pressure and from some city councilors who maintained the impropriety of the dry run without council imprimatur. Robinson’s jeepney terminal manager Ed Du argued (see photo) and assured the City Council that after the dry run on Dec. 12, they will formally present their recommendations for traffic rerouting before the city council for appropriate action in accordance with law.




The hot news, though still in the grapevine is that most, if not all, political camps are getting ready with all the legal ammunitions and issues they can muster against their opponents, indicating that the coming elections could be marred with heavy legal battles.

If so, then that would be most interesting because the battleground will be the incorruptible (what?) courts of justice, which also means that democracy will be in full action.
We just hope that the legal battles will not be marred with violence on the sidelines. It’s usually the loyal body guards who initiate the trouble.

In a place like this capital city, dubbed as University Town, most, if not all, of our top candidates are graduates of local universities-- Silliman, Foundation, St. Paul, NORSU, among others. They cannot afford to embarrass their alma mater by initiating bad violence instead of clean legal battles.

Legal battles are not demolition jobs if based on facts. If there are past sex scandals among candidates, which might be revived in order to emphasize the moral standards expected of local elective officials, then that should be dealt with fairly and squarely.

If there are cases of graft and corruption in public works by the millions raised as election issues, then let the protagonists settle that in court and not on the streets.



Thanks to the noise and drum-beatings by well-meaning fiscalizers in the City Council, the erstwhile tight-gripped memo agreement between the transport terminal and the jeepeney drivers association have been loosened, they say, long ago, even as the basic agreements are still intact, and so will the traffic experiment go on until Dec. 12. Most people only knew this last Wednesday.

Thanks, too, to the public who, through texts and calls to the media, have also helped put pressure on the easing of the terms and conditions in the jeepney transport terminal memo agreement. The riding public is thankful to all parties from all sides.

What were the tight conditions that were loosened?

1. The reduction of the per-jeepeney per-trip terminal fee of P16 now down to P10.

2. The removal of the liability clause of P20 million to be reimbursed by the jeepney drivers and operators association to the terminal owner-builder if the transport terminal project fails without the fault of the lot owner;

3. The scrapping of the exclusivity clause which would have cornered all gas fill-ups at the FEDENDOA-owned gas station by all jeepney and multicab association members;

4. The easing of the sticker requirements for entrants to the business park by transport stakeholders;

5. And that due process has to be instituted and not outright ouster of terminal users in case lot owner wants to use the land where the transport terminal now stands.

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