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  POLITICS-RIDDEN and heated PDC budget meeting Thursday at the convention center. RL: BM Arnie Teves, Rep George Arnaiz, Arturo Umbac (NGO) Sofia Arevalo (planning) Gov. Roel Degamo, BMs Mariant Villegas and Jessica Villanueva.  

      P2.1B poll budget moribund in SP?    

The unprecedented provincial budget of P2.1Billion for 2016 ( from P1.7B this year) might go moribund after elements of the opposition-dominated provincial board vowed to slash the Degamo budget close to p1.8B if only to prevent funds from possibly being misused during elections.

Dubbed by many as an election budget, since the funds will be disbursed in time for the presidential, national and local election season, the proposed P 2.1 billion 2016 budget of the province faces rough sailing in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. The board vowed to override any veto by the governor who is seen to do everything to get what he wants appropriated. As such the 2015 budget might get re-enacted moto proprio in case a stalemate ensues.

Board Members Jessica Villanueva and Atty. Rommel Erames said that they will exhaustively scrutinize every item of the budget, the biggest ever in the history of Negros Oriental, to protect the coffers of the government from being used for political and personal gain.

This despite the approval of the 2016 Annual Investment Program embodying the projects, programs and activities on Thursday, after a series of meetings marked by heated exchanges among members of the Provincial Development Council.

Nevertheless, Governor Roel Degamo, who presided the PDC meeting...



The imputation of political rivals of Grace Poe as being the ones behind her disqualification should be correct. For who else would bother, except her political rivals in doing such a tedious task?

But that is beside the point. The point is, Comelec ruled that she violated the rules of the game, and if tolerated, everybody else will follow. It will be anarchy, no longer a democracy.

But of course in fairness to friend Grace, everything is not final. The DQ so to speak, is still subject to Supreme Court final ruling. Poe should realize that she is no ordinary foundling. For goodness sake she is running for president! This is not discrimination but a determination of how important the position is, that merits this kind of scrutiny.

But again the virtue of pride and humility comes to play. If she were humble enough to start as vice president of Mar, the problem would not be this big. Imagine, she was a threat to the bigwigs running this country. Surely her veteran rivals cannot let this pass without a fight. These people are not as naïve.



Yes, Virginia, there is a Catholic Vote.

The candidate concerned will know that for the first time in Philippine election history, the Catholic Church members will VOTE AS ONE ( at least 10 million of the 50 million Catholic voters) in NOT VOTING for any candidate who maligns the Pope, a person who is revered by the world BOTH Catholics and non-Catholics alike, as a righteous , compassionate and maka-massa.

In the Philippines no numbers of “other religious” groups can outnumber the Catholics who will be voting against those who malign a respected Pope. We have books of skeptics and critics against the Pope as a position, fine we know that , but not as a person of Francis.

If this candidate wants to take up the challenge, the Catholics will say: go ahead, make our Day!

No less than the leader of the political party apologized in behalf of the Pope maligner. Let us discuss issues, not personalities. How low can you get, with such high position you are “aspiring” for?

Forgiveness is not
complete unless the one hurt says “I forgive you.”

Why is there so much suffering in the world? Sickness, poverty, conflicts, mistakes, irresponsibility, infidelities and selfishness. These are questions asked and many more. Christianity teaches that God is love, that He is good and just; yet we see and hear of injustices that man does: unsolved crimes, rape, murders, families threatened by separation and disunity, young people lost in drugs and vices...  
The entry of mayor Digong Duterte of Davao into the presidential derby has changed the entire political landscape, as shown by the fact that pulse asia in metro manila has placed duterte first at 34, Poe at 26, Binay at 21 and Roxas at 11 percent. In fact so many liberals in Mindanao have jumped ship To Duterte after he filed his coc last Friday.  


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