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  Bracing for worst scenario vs. Ruby. Rep George Arnaiz, city mayor Manuel Sagarbarria, DOST local head Atty. Gilbert Arbon, SU physics professor Koki Ablong and San Jose Mayor Melo Remollo exchange risk reduction moves in a worse scenario in case Typhoon Ruby comes along our way.  

      Ruby’s fury hits Albay, Manila    

Some 47 out of 81 provinces where 66 million Filipinos reside have been identified by government weather scientists as high risk as Typhoon Ruby (Hagupit), downgraded from super typhoon status, today batters Southern Luzon, Romblon, and Marinduque up North extending real threat on Metro Manila.

Metro Manila will likely be affected by 2 P.M. today Sunday, the weather bureau said, with the typhoon’s outer periphery affecting the metropolis. The area should expect possible rain and winds, but not as strong as those under storm signals 2 and 3, the bureau added.

This developed as Ruby’s path swerved up northwest even as most of the Visayas provinces were bracing and praying that central Philipines be spared this time by the fury of Typhoon Ruby. God answered thier prayers.

Ruby is packing sustained winds of 195 km/h and gusts of up to 230 km/h according to PAGASA. The storm is being affected by the northeast monsoon, which is bringing cooler air from the northern polar regions of Asia, which caused the typhoon to lose some strength, state forecasters said. Early reports say rice and corn crops were adversely affected and several large trees uprooted...



There are indeed reasons to believe that many provincial and city jails are distribution centers of illegal drugs. It is because the place is safe, and security is not tight enough. Are our city and provincial jails here exempted?

Why for instance was a scion of a prominent businessman shot and killed in front of the city jail in Bajumpandan late at night while disembarking? Of course police claim they found shabu stuff from the dead man. And he has been tagged as a suspect under surveillance for long. Surprise?

Our belief is bolstered by the fact that the national penitentiary or the Bilibid prison in Muntinglupa is now a major source of illegal drugs and may be distributing not only here in Negros Oriental but nationwide.

This is based on a fresh report that thousands of grams of shabu, and other crime paraphernalia were discovered inside the national penitentiary: ranging from guns, bladed weapons, bottles of liquor, l000 cellphones, ipads, smartphones, just about anything that aids in the commission of crime. Surely, this is now a crime school. Criminals get better and are fine tuned of the craft there.

We will not be surprised if authorities will soon discover a shabu laboratory inside the bilibid prison. Its simple, the guards and prison administrators are in cahoots with the criminals. The Secretary of Justice should overhaul the Bilibid prison administration immediately from top to bottom. She should make a major reshuffle of personnel. This is no longer tolerable because it is affecting other jails all over the country as distribution points of shabu.



Our good and faithful God has spared Negros Oriental and nearby provinces again from a deadly mega typhoon code named Ruby. Thanks to the massive prayers of deliverance.

Typhoon Ruby which is now battling Central Luzon as we write, has diverted its path in what could have been another hit by a deadly and devastating storm as strong as Yolanda. In fact Ruby was said to be on the level of a mega typhoon.

We were spared from Yolanda a year ago in November. We believe that the massive prayer brigade which bombarded Heaven caused the Lord to listen and divert Ruby’s path. Who says God does not change His mind? He said he will no longer destroy the earth with floods, until the 21st century when man caused the climate change, thus the Lord had to let Nature take its course.

Ironically, the country is now depending on the scientific approaches of “Project NOAH” which is the main think tank of stakeholders in Risk Reduction Management for all kinds of floods, earthquakes and natural disasters.

"Victories of the
humble are never experienced by
the prideful."


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Equality of rights

"The right to property is not subordinate to any right, and that there is no hierarchy of rights – all rights are equally deserving, and an approach that would place some rights over others must be avoided,” thus propounded Atty. M. Mikhail Lee L. Maxino, dean of the Silliman University College of Law and this year’s recipient of the Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban Professorial...

It is generally accepted the most under reported crime in the world is rape. It is estimated that annually 500,000 women are raped in South Africa, 200,000 in Egypt, 85,000 in the United Kingdom and 32,000 in China. This makes the estimated 6,000 annual rapes in the Philippines seem almost small in comparison. But one rape is too...

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