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  POPE FRANCIS ENVOY His Grace Giusseppe Pinto DD (right) officially installed Msgr Julito B. Cortes, DD (center) as the 4th bishop ‘of the Diocese of Dumaguete where two cardinals, and 49 priests also attended.  

Msgr Lito Cortes: big job ahead

After such a grandiose celebration of installing the 4th bishop of the diocese of Dumaguete last Thursday, the meat of the matter begins with mounting challenges facing the new shepherd Msgr Julito Cortes, 57.

Msgr Cortes in his message of acceptance thanked all visiting church dignitaries and the attending laity for their support to his assumption.

Provincial dignitaries led by Gov Roel Degamo , Gov Zaldy Villa of Siquijor and Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria led local leaders in welcoming the new prelate.

His jurisdiction which has close to a million catholic members from Negros Oriental and Siquijor (bigger than that of a governor) may not be rocked with major controversies as it was well handled by his predecessors, but big challenges mount ahead such as:

The restoration of three big municipal church damaged by the last earthquake of 2012 ; the equitable reassignment of priests in the towns and cities; the dwindling enrolment of various catholic schools in the towns; the frequent “travel and solicitations” of priests going out of the country; the lack of priests to “cathecize” the laity; and the unsolved robbery of close to half a millon pesos inside the sacristy of the cathedral two new years eve ago, among others.

However, his two predecessors did a good job according to the papal nuncio His Grace Giuseppe Pinto , archbishop and head of the diplomatic corp who officiated at Cortes’ installation.



See, it was indeed the... tip of the Iceberg

Several weeks ago when the pork barrel scam exploded in congress, we wrote an editorial predicting that Napoles was not alone, and that the P10-billion scam was just the tip of the ice berg. Indeed it was!

A month later, our specs came true in that not just P10-Billion was involved, but P2-TRILLON pesos lost in the pork barrel scam, this time, in the lower house involving fake, Xeroxed, and lost SAROs. Special Allotment Release Order.

We strongly feel that this time, it is time, to dismantle this wholesale rampage of public funds in the guise of helping the poor by our own legislators whom we have entrused with the purse. Unbelievable! And I think more anomalies are yet to be uncovered in the coming days as more whistle blowers emerge to testify , lest they be included in the charge sheet.

Reports say this has been going on for ten years at least. If so, then how impoverished we could be by now, as a nation and how fat the crooks have become in their insatiable greed for stolen money. The system has to be revamped, by all means.



Anticipating blessings as well as a deluge of problems big and small , newly installed bishop of the diocese of Dumaguete , Msgr Julito Cortes said that his new assignment “is not a walk in the park.”

Offhand, the redeployment of the entire clergy either on a retained or reassigned basis is not an easy task considering the uniqueness of every assignment, place and people culture plus the strength and weaknesses of each clergy.

Then we have the multi million peso damages of three municipal churches in Jimalalud, Tayasan and Ayungon which still need to be reconstructed and rehabilitated. Until now, and since the last earthquake in Feb 6, 2012 these church buildings have not yet been finished even as the diocese under its administrator Msgr Gamaliel Tulabing has given them P1Milion each for reconstruction.

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