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  IT’S NOT A CONCORD AIRPLANE, but this is the roof ripped apart from the covered walk of the brand new multi-million peso PPA port terminal building. Substandard or not, it simply gave way to PABLO’s fury. A stranded foreigner tourist looks with dismay.  

2 dead as Pablo displaces 33,000

Unlike Sendong, it was Pablo’s 185 kph maximum winds, which caused much of the destruction as two people died when the tropical storm made landfall, Tuesday late afternoon, coming from Bohol. Capitol officials admit they could still not determine the exact cost of the damage to property and crops.

Disaster officials lost no time in mobilizing their resources as Signal No. 3 was raised in the province, Monday night. The repeated warnings and feverish preparations evoked bitter memories of Sendong prompting Negrenses to indulge into a minor panic buying and exodus to higher grounds. Government officials and rescue units tried their level best to remain on top of the situation.

However, when the more than two-hour howler struck, some 33,944 people were forced to evacuate their homes, but two people were not as lucky. Among the fatalities were eleven-year-old Reggie Real and seventy-eight-year-old Ellona Romano. Both are residents of Azagra, Tanjay. An uprooted coconut tree pinned Real to death while Romano drowned. Five others in Dumaguete City and Bacong were reported injured.




We are humbled by the spontaneous recognition by the public and the City Government, which was formally documented in an Executive Commendation issued by the City Mayor in behalf of a grateful citizenry who were glued to their radio sets while our sister company, STAR ENERGY DYEM FM, covered the disastrous howler blow-by-blow 24/7 from start to finish until it got out of Negros Oriental.

DYEM FM provided the link between the citizens’ needs and the government during those darkest hours. Just for the record, we also did such extensive live coverage during Sendong’s fury on Dec. 17 one year ago and the 6.9 earthquake devastation of Feb. l7.

While we considered our deed as our primary duty as media, we thank the Almighty God for He gave us the strength to sustain our voluntary efforts, even the team leaving their loved ones at home, just to answer the call of duty as purveyors of public information. As the Bible says in Luke l7, as servants, we deserve no thanks because such is our job, but thanks, just the same.



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