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  Diocesan Bishop Julito Cortes and Vice Pres Jejomar Binay are united in their efforts to stop unsolved street executions in Dumaguete.  

      BINAY, BISHOP one in stopping street murders    

It would have been most unusual for a man accused of corruption to get a special one-on-one audi ence with the bishop of Dumaguete which only indicated the spirit of mercy and compassion es poused by the Catholic church worldwide as Pope Francis launched the Year of Mercy.

Vice President Jejomar Binay, after his exclusive interview over DYEM BAI RADIO Tuesday morning, rushed to the bishop’s appointment and mass at the Marian Center where both Binay and Bishop Julito Cortes, informally joined efforts to involve the Church in the fight against criminality, especialy extrajudicial killings in Dumaguete

Vice President Jejomar C. Binay paid a courtesy visit to Bishop Julito Cortes of Dumaguete City and expressed concern over the growing number of extrajudicial killings in the city.

“Nakakalungkot po na tila dumadami ang nagiging biktima ng extrajudicial killings dito sa Dumaguete. Nananawagan po ako sa ating kapulisan na tutukang maigi ang mga kasong ito at siguruhin ang kaligtasan ng ating mga kababayan,” Binay said.

According to Bishop Cortes, there were already nine people who have been summarily executed during the past weeks. This is excluding those whose street executions remain unsolved. The bishop said he believes that there is a need...



The imputation of political rivals of Grace Poe as being the ones behind her disqualification should be correct. For who else would bother, except her political rivals in doing such a tedious task?

But that is beside the point. The point is, Comelec ruled that she violated the rules of the game, and if tolerated, everybody else will follow. It will be anarchy, no longer a democracy.

But of course in fairness to friend Grace, everything is not final. The DQ so to speak, is still subject to Supreme Court final ruling. Poe should realize that she is no ordinary foundling. For goodness sake she is running for president! This is not discrimination but a determination of how important the position is, that merits this kind of scrutiny.

But again the virtue of pride and humility comes to play. If she were humble enough to start as vice president of Mar, the problem would not be this big. Imagine, she was a threat to the bigwigs running this country. Surely her veteran rivals cannot let this pass without a fight. These people are not as naïve.



It is not fair for the 60 million registered Filipino voters to submit to the possibility of postponing the May 9 election just because 3 million voters failed or refused to comply with the mandate to submit for biometrics registration through no fault of anyone but themselves.

The purpose of the law on compulsory biometrics registration is to cleanse the voters list of ghost and flying voters. This is good. We are sure that not all of the 3 million whose names were delisted are still alive, or without complications and besides, failure or refusal to register and vote is an option, part of freedom of suffrage, to or not to cast one’s vote in an election. So why force these people if they don’t want to register and vote?

Thirdly, postponing the elections will give a lot of disadvantage to the Comelec, the leading candidates, and the voters themselves. The Comelec because it will have to reinsert and list down again those 3 million names, without even knowing if they are still alive, and this alone will surely delay the elections, plus the lack of enough PCOS machines. There is also that sneaking suspicion that just because administration candidates are lagging behind the poll surveys, gives the government enough but baseless and invalid reason to delay the polls.

Bear and forgive each
other of all grievances as
the Lord forgave you. (COL.3:13)

Why is there so much suffering in the world? Sickness, poverty, conflicts, mistakes, irresponsibility, infidelities and selfishness. These are questions asked and many more. Christianity teaches that God is love, that He is good and just; yet we see and hear of injustices that man does: unsolved crimes, rape, murders, families threatened by separation and disunity, young people lost in drugs and vices...  
The entry of mayor Digong Duterte of Davao into the presidential derby has changed the entire political landscape, as shown by the fact that pulse asia in metro manila has placed duterte first at 34, Poe at 26, Binay at 21 and Roxas at 11 percent. In fact so many liberals in Mindanao have jumped ship To Duterte after he filed his coc last Friday.  


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