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  Christmas at Rico's!
When the lights pop up at as in last night at Prospero Rico Absin’s garden home along Hibbard Ave, you all know that Christmas is around the corner. So let’s brace ourselves for another merry Christmas break!

DBM, COA halts P12M spent intel

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and the Commission on Audit (COA) has issued a suspension order of the governor’s office use of P12Million as intelligence funds this election year, because this was not appropriated in the 2013 annual budget.

However , the governor’s office contested saying it believed that since Gov Degamo vetoed P10M from the 2013 Gender and Development Fund (GAD) which replaced the intelligence fund of the same amount, the governor was of the belief that his veto “resurrected” the scrapped intelligence fund.

Not so, said the DBM and COA in unison, in separate letters as early as May and July, but was only made public by the budget officer’s office last Dec 5 just when the books are about to be closed for 2013. Why?, stakeholders asked.



So who’ll repay P480M in
calamity fund mess?

Several weeks ago when the pork barrel scam exploded in congress, we wrote an editorial predicting that Napoles was not alone, and that the P10-billion scam was just the tip of the ice berg. Indeed it was!

A month later, our specs came true in that not just P10-Billion was involved, but P2-TRILLON pesos lost in the pork barrel scam, this time, in the lower house involving fake, Xeroxed, and lost SAROs. Special Allotment Release Order.

We strongly feel that this time, it is time, to dismantle this wholesale rampage of public funds in the guise of helping the poor by our own legislators whom we have entrused with the purse. Unbelievable! And I think more anomalies are yet to be uncovered in the coming days as more whistle blowers emerge to testify , lest they be included in the charge sheet.

Reports say this has been going on for ten years at least. If so, then how impoverished we could be by now, as a nation and how fat the crooks have become in their insatiable greed for stolen money. The system has to be revamped, by all means.



The city’s first medium-sized shopping mall right in the heart of downtown Dumaguete,has made shopping history by marking 25 years of good service and sale of quality products.

Lee Plaza was founded in Dec 13, 1988, with humble beginnings, leasing a post-war moviehouse building yet facing a bright future, led by a visionary and enterprising couple Edward and Elsie Lee from Cebu’s Gaisano family.

A quarter of a century later, the Lees added “super” in their store’s name and since then, has lived up to its vision to serve Dumaguete with the kind of store the people deserved.

With the support and patronage of the community, Lee Super Plaza has acquired almost a whole block of downtown area and there with all their best efforts made it as a prime shopping destination in this part of the province.

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