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  RH Bill: A done deal. First District voted YES; Second and Third Districts voted NO to the Reproductive Health Bill last Thursday. They all explained their votes on nominal voting during the house plenary. All indications, the RH Bill is now a done deal. (continue reading here...)  

Gov cautioned on P1.3B usage

Aside from the DILG secretary, another board member has cautioned the governor that he might face multiple administrative, if not criminal, charges if he continues to implement the controversial P350-million hospital building loan on top of the P961-million Sendong calamity fund for rehabilitation without following established procedures as spelled out in a letter by the Dept of Budget and Management Asec. Mario Relampagos.

On the other hand, Gov. Degamo felt confident and responsible for his acts, saying that he has only public welfare in mind and the best interest of the people who have long been the suffering victims of Typhoon Sendong, over and above bureaucratic, if not politically motivated, niceties.

Earlier, DILG Sec. Mar Roxas, who visited the typhoon Pablo-hit areas in Dumaguete City last December 6, also pointed out in a meeting with disaster management officials that the P961 million Sendong calamity fund has been recalled by DBM and should not be used in the meantime pending compliance of existing department regulations of DPWH.
But it appears that the governor has already approved and conducted the bidding of the first half of the Sendong calamity fund despite the negative SARO and the recall of the initial release of P480 million.




The week after typhoon Pablo unleashed its fury in Dumaguete, the City Council communicated to us and informed us about their unsolicited recognition as the representatives of the people (read at right column) of our radio coverage efforts by our sister enterprise DYEM STAR ENERGY FM ,which went for 24 hours amidst a total blackout in the city. For this, we are doubly humbled.

We were able to forewarn the entire city that the eye of the storm will pass by between 5pm to 8pm that fateful night of December 4. This made everybody brace for the worst, at least without being caught flat-footed. Thanks to our contacts through our sister station DYRD in Bohol who called us just when the storm went through that province at 3 pm and was on its war path to Dumaguete.

From that moment on, until the storm passed by, at dawn, DYEM FM, provided the link between the citizens’ needs and that of the government during those darkest hours by broadcasting on emergency power, 24/7. We also did the same last year during the December 17 Sendong fury and the February 6 great earthquake that shook our province.


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