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  ORATIO IMPERATA , a special prayer invoking the Lord’s intervention in stopping the street killings in Dumaguete is being emphasized in all diocesan churchs and Misa de Gallos all over Negros Oriental. Bishop Cortes (above) at the opening of the Jubilee Door on the year of Mercy at the full packed Cathedral.  

      NegOr: election WATCHLIST area    

Both the Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office and the Commission on Elections confirmed that the province is included in the election watch list but the assessment on the ground is still ongoing five months before the May 2016 national and local polls.

Provincial Election Supervisor Eddie Aba enumerated some of the reasons why a province like Negros Oriental could be tagged as an area of concern under the “watchlist” status:

The presence of private armed groups, history of violence in the past elections, intense political rivalry and insurgency. He said that Negros Oriental is considered an area of concern under the Comelec watch-list, but not an election hotspot.

Col Dionard Carlos, provincial PNP director for the province in a CHRONICLE interview also confirmed the assessment of Camp Crame. He emphasized that the thorough assessment is still being undertaken on the ground. He said being in the watchlist, is not in the category of an election hot spot.

He called for vigilance among the citizenry and help report to authorities those situations that might aggravate the present status. The Army is also doing its part in making a thorough assessment...



What makes Duterte different and unusual or call it unique from other presidential candidates is that he is the only one with a nich which the other presidentiables do not have and that is: the ability to address (not necessarily solve) the basic and major roots of our national problems.

For instance, no presidentiable has a single recored of fighting the drug lords in the country which is now a major problem among the youth. The records of the justice department shows that 90% of court cases are drug related, 90% of jail detianees are drug suspects; and nobody is fighting the drug lords like the Davao experience which is real. Nobody can beat Duterte that performance.

Another is the notoriety to go after criminals whom many Filipinos want them dead anyway because they have connections with the big shots and many criminials go scot free. Now the fact that Duterte is bragging having killed or caused the killing of 1,700 of them gives other presidentiables the chill.

One advise is why doesn’t one presidentiable file a test case against Duterte for murder or mass killings and see what happens the trouble is not a single presidential candidates has the guts to do it. And that is what the people have been longing, for leaders to go after criminals and kill them before the criminals kill innocent people. Why , do criminals follow due process?



It is unthinkable and for the first time in Philippine contemporary history, two presidential candidates are stooping down so low they want to decide their fate first by a slapping match, then a boxing match, and now a gun duel of any caliber.

Thanks to mayor Digong Duterte who started this low-blow style of criticizing his opponents now, and especially Mar Roxas whose educational credentials were questioned by Duterte, and basically his machismo of Roxas.

On the other hand, Roxas also obliges by taking up the challenge of duterte no matter how low and cheap thinking maybe that this will pull Roxas down to the level of massa thinking if only to connect to the masses where Roxas has a poor comparative record.

In another vien, former Pres Fidel V. Ramos commented on the Duterte Roxas boyish barbs at each other, urging them and all presidential bets to be world class. What kind of president will represent our Nation in international for a and convention? Dueterte, Roxas, Binay or Poe?

MATT 7:14 “FOR narrow is the gate and straight is the way that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  

This pertains to your letter dated November 11, 2015 which our office received on November 19, 2015. As to your query whether there were doctors in Dumaguete or Bacolod that were involved in the anomaly, per our record, none from Dumaguete City. Bacolod City is not within our jurisdiction...  
The entry of mayor Digong Duterte of Davao into the presidential derby has changed the entire political landscape, as shown by the fact that pulse asia in metro manila has placed duterte first at 34, Poe at 26, Binay at 21 and Roxas at 11 percent. In fact so many liberals in Mindanao have jumped ship To Duterte after he filed his coc last Friday.  


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