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  CHRISTMAS IS FOR CHILDREN, the children in both the young and the old. Let’s all be children once more on Christmas and everyday.  

1.9B Y14 budget altered but OK'd

Emerging after a marathon caucus on their last and final session for the year, the members of the SangguniangPanlalawigan voted to pass the P 1.9 billion annual budget of the provincial government for 2014 with some revisions, Friday.

Compared to this year’s P 1.4 billion, the annual budget of P1.9 billion for next year is considered as the highest ever submitted by any governor, which is caused primarily with the expected realization of the long sought P 350 million bank loan for the construction of the Central Block Building at the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital.

Prior to the formal voting to pass the annual budget, the Board Members held a closed-door caucus from morning up to late afternoon to thresh out and reconcile the concerns of the SP members.

Several revisions were proposed and approved during the deliberations before it was finally put to a vote. The final approved peace and order initiatives were: P 5 million for dental and surgical missions, P 3.2 million aid to PNP, P 1.5 million subsidy for the municipality, among others.



Christmastide is a time to rise
above petty selfishness

It’s three days before Christmas it’s time to pause for a while from the daily grind and give way to goodwill and reconciliation. It is enough that you extend the olive branch of peace and if the other end refuses, at least you can rest , assured that you have done your part in the spirit of true Christianity.

Only God knows all the facts. Others base their ”facts on speculation.” And if you can’t do so, then be humble enough to know your limitations. There, peace will come if it is meant to be. It is not destiny but the Will of God. Well said, and Amen. Merry Christmas nalang!

Gordon Ferguson, author of “The Victory of Surrender,” says that 95% of all that we worry about usually do not come to pass, showing the fruitlessness of worry.” So don’t worry, surrender everything to God.

But St Paul asks in Romans 7 why do we keep on doing the things that we really do not want to do? It is because, Ferguson said, we still have an un-surrendered heart. We may have surrendered ,but (unknowingly) on our own terms, not on God‘s terms. Amen again. That is why healing misses the point and goes around in circles. This is the hardest part of surrender.



The Election for president of the Association of Barangay Councils of Negros Oriental goes beyond Wednesday’s political exercise by among just 15 out of 25 ABC presidents from the 20 towns and 5 cities of the province.

The ABC presidency could be a launching pad for some people to higher elective positions not to discount the forthcoming congressional elections of 2016 which include the presidential polls.

We notice from the records that only one person has survived the race even before it has started. The incumbent ABC president, concurrent Board Member ex officio ArnulfoTeves Jr.,appeared to be uncontested in the provincial ABC polls despite the fact that two major groups have polarized their forces, one, with Gov Roel Degamo and the other , a new coalition of the political forces of Cong George Arnaiz; ex Cong Meniong Teves and ex Cong Limkaichong.

Why the three groups combined could not even muster one candidate is something that has to be addressed because it does not reflect well of our democratic process. Why hold an election at all if there is no opponent to speak of. What has prevented other opponents from emerging? Two opposing groups, yet only one candidate? What kind of election was this?

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"For unto You is
born this day, a savior, Jesus Christ the Lord."


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