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  P2-TRILLON national budget was approved, Wednesday, by P-Noy, as he thanks his key people. The only lady in the photo is Rep. Josy Limkaichong, who is chair of the House Committee on Appropriations and is the LP standard bearer for Negros Oriental in 2013. Others in photo are Speaker Belmonte, Rep. Andaya, Exec. Sec. Paquito Ochoa & Sec. Emilio Abaya.  

Two solons to lose P140M pork for Y13

The prize of NO-vote on RH

Two congressmen who voted NO to the RH Bill could lose their P70-million each pork barrel next year as their ‘prize’ from the administration. This was revealed by Rep. Pryde Henry Teves who personally witnessed two top Malacañang officials in the Batasan lobbying for Yes-votes.

They even asked many NO-congressmen to leave the halls, perhaps for a price just to miss the voting. “So where is the matuwid na daan displayed here?,” Teves asked.

“While the good bishops, priests, nuns and other anti-RH citizens were praying in the gallery to convince more congressmen to defeat the measure on second reading, Department of Budget and Management Secretary Butch Abad and Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas were at the House’s South Lounge closely monitoring the voting and convincing the mostly anti-RH congressmen not to show up at the plenary while others were also told to go home,” Teves said.




EIGHT SENATORS and eight congressmen are currently meeting as a bicameral committee and onwards until they can harmonize their own versions of the RH Bill, which both houses recently approved with a slim margin, this week.

At least, the RH Bill as amended, by both houses, is now faith-oriented, in that the different churches and religious denominations of this largely Catholic country are now given a stake in the implementation of the RH Bill. The oversight committee, which will monitor its implementation will oppose future possibilities of abortion, even though how legal, because this is not the policy of the State, therefore, unconstitutional, if abortion is pursued.

Another significant amendment is that the bill, when it becomes a law, will be subject to review every 3 years, but at no time can it be amended to favor abortion in the future.



It could not be exactly the most beautiful gifts for the Filipino people this Christmas, but our leaders have opted to adopt the controversial Reproductive Health Bill and decided to raise the taxes for cigarettes and alcoholic drinks, both for “better health” among Filipinos.

First, not all people in this predominantly Catholic nation have appreciated its approval. But, we should also be grateful to the RH oppositors since they have managed to amend the bill to become faith-oriented in its final bicameral form.

This means that the RH bill will be implemented, monitored, and evaluated by an oversight committee, participated by the religious sectors, seeing to it that the RH future law will not offend the doctrines, teachings and traditions of religious affiliates. This is victory enough.

Although they have harmonized the RH bill in principle, let us see to it that as a people, we will help monitor its proper implementation as amended. Civil society should be vigilant enough to raise issues when public and moral interests are at stake.

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"He is our peace.
In Jesus Christ's birth,
the brokenness of the world is restored to wholeness."


Dear Hon. Belmonte,

Sir, it is now pending in your Chamber --House Bill (Reproductive Health Bill) --for deliberation. If you have time to read the First Book of the Holy Bible, Chapter 1, Verse 28 (Reading)-- “And God said to the first couple, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it.” Mr. Webster has a good understanding of the word subdue, meaning “to reduce to have control.”

Dear Editor,

Last week, I was written by Fr. Pat O’Connell, C.Ss.R., a companion of the late Fr. Patrick Shiels who died last month at the age of 88. You featured both of them 3 years ago, when we celebrated the Redemptorist’s Golden Jubilee. Many readers, especially Seniors, of course, would find it interesting and would remember him. He knows I am giving this to you.


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