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  OVERTIME and NIGHT JOB continue unabated at the South diversion road starting in Bajumpandan to Magatas, Sibulan, a feather in the cap of the second district solon Rep George Arnaiz.  

Drug vendettas behind killings?

Police and local government authorities may be hard put to explain the rash of unsolved killings, theorized that there is a raging “drugs war” pitting groups and individuals trying to settle old and new scores for drug deals gone bad, failed remittances of earnings by their couriers and retaliatory attacks in behalf of the earlier victims.

There are already 24 victims who were murdered in the ongoing internecine conflict since 2013. For January 2014 alone, three people have already been killed. However, both the Philippine National Police and the city government still continue to devise relevant and effective response to halt the carnage.

Mayor Chiquiting Sagarbarria said that solving the murders would be extra difficult given the fact that both suspects and the victims appear to be involved in shady or underground dealings.

Moreover, witnesses if any, would not want to be caught in between gang infightings. Instead, the “drugs war” would be a self-destruct mechanism in order to cripple if not stop this easy-money industry.

For the month of January alone, there were already four shooting incidents in the city. Three of these have been linked to some personalities in the illegal drugs trade. Some drug syndicates maintain guns-for-hire to carry out shootings against perceived enemies of their trade or those who failed to perform their tasks.



Hope against hope: road full of landmines

While we the people fully appreciate and support the desires of both Philippine government and MILF to achieve lasting peace in Mindanao , there is still much to look forward to, because what was being signed was just the framework, or the basic parameters for peace, but not yet the details. Will the details end, or prolong the conflict?

Well at least, there is now the frame work, the road map to peace to start with. . But the road is yet full of land mines and obstacles. What good is the map?

Example: the agreement provides that all guns of the MILF forces will be decommissioned because they will be part of the Philippine National Police. This is good. . What does decommission mean? Chairwoman Ferrer could not answer. She said: it could mean pad-locking all MILF firearms inside in a warehouse, or destroying all firearms of MILF.

Do you think these warring tribes whose guns are part of their bodies will surrender their firearms? Plus the warring Muslim clans, will the fight end? The breakaway Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters and the MNLF of Nur Misuari have vowed to continue fighting.

AS we predicted, 24 hours after the signing, the BIFF clashed with soldiers and 15 bangsa BIFF were killed with 4 soldiers down. The fighting goes on and on. What is on paper may not be attuned to the Bangsa Muslim culture. Did they not know that?

Congressmen and senators said that the Bangsa moro annexes will take years to discuss to before it become a law. Suppose the BIFF or MNLF. Will sabotage the agreement by planting suicide bombers that will disrupt the peace, whom will the Bangsamoro and government panel blame?



The Chinese gave the Philippines a Chinese New Year’s gift to choose from: visa, or apology, payment + prosecution.

Effective Feb 5 Wednesday ,all diplomats and official passport holders from the Philippines will be required to apply and secure a visa everytime they enter Hongkong . Exempted are the 174,000 Filipino overseas workers there and tourists in Hongkong.

This visa requirement for Filipino diplomats in Hongkong is part of the sanction imposed by China against the Philippine government for not apologizing, for not paying the victims and for not putting to jail those responsible in the hostage taking in Manila wherein 8 Hongkong tourists visiting the Philippines were killed as hostages inside the tourist bus.

We cannot understand how the misplaced pride of Philippine officials work. It is embarrassing enough to have 8 visitors from Hongkong killed by a madman policeman. It is worse if the government who failed to contain the situation does not at least apologize, pay damages and prosecute the guilty. Of course there are diplomatic protocols. Of course the government did what it should. But when the Chinese are mad, they forget protocol.

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