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COA recommends: return all extra cellphones to GSO

The Commission on Audit has issued a strong recommendation to the governor’s office that an order be issued for the return of all extra cellphones issued to “selected officials and employees” (of the Capitol) to the General Services Office until such time that internal rules shall have been “passed on how to dispose of those cellphones in order not to incur excessive mobile phone expenses.”

These were among the 34 sets of recommendations by COA to the provincial government in order to streamline its operations in accordance with law.

The 2011 audit report was released Feb. 28, 2012 while the 2012 audit report is still due for release next month.
Signatories of the COA report were: COA regional director Delfin Aguilar; State Auditor Charlita Leopoldo; and State Auditor and audit team leader Sylvia Almazan.

However in fairness, Almazan reported that on the whole, “the financial statement…and the results of its operations and cash flows for 2011 then ended in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.”

However, COA reported that only 16 of its recommendations were fully complied with by the Capitol, and ten partially out of the 34 recommendations by the government audit team.

Item 13 of the 2011 audit report of the COA covering the provincial government dealt about the controversial cellphone purchases.



Where have all the gov’s P30K-consultants gone?

Until today, people await the explanation of Capitol officials why the provincial government has spent a staggering P2.5 million for cellphones in 2011 based on the Commission on Audit’s report.

As a result, the poor governor has been besieged by criticisms left and right and it behooves upon the capitol spokesman or information officer, at least, to explain to the people what is really happening to the people’s money. In the matter of the cell-phone issue, what is this information officer paid for anyway? Why is he not defending his boss? Learn from Lacierda, boy.

COA reports, as always, are public documents. Its release is openly regulated by government. It is privileged communication. It is something official. This information did not come from us. It came from the government auditors themselves.

The least the Capitol can do is to defend that spending P2.5 million for cellphones is justifiable for public service; otherwise, this cellphone controversy at the capitol will be regarded as one that is disadvantageous to the government, and consequently, the taxpayers.




Even this early in the pre- campaign period, there are many candidates for high public office, or even the spouses of these candidates, who are now showing signs of perceived official arrogance, thinking that if and when they are elected ever, they will become public masters, instead of public servants.

Under this level of ignorance, they can only conceive the possibility of winning by buying the votes of equally ignorant voters. In short, the wrong people occupy public elective positions because like their electors, they can only win by buying and selling of votes.

The trouble with our election laws is that the minimum requirement to run for public office is a clean record and knowing how to read and write. Nobody even thought of adding the fact that candidates should know how to read and write CORRECTLY.

We believe in the logic of making the requirements for elective public officials be pegged at the lowest minimum, because the spirit of the election law is to make public office available to all regardless of status, education, and qualification. But this concept breeds political disaster. Many of those elected whose ticket is only in knowing how to read and write do not have the expertise of governance, so the ultimate losers are the people.

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